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Covve Scan among best CamScanner alternatives for business card scanning

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Many business professionals are realizing the importance of a good business card scanning app to make managing their business contacts easier and more efficient. Not only that, but many are currently looking for good alternative apps to the popular card scanner, CamScanner. Therefore, we set out to find the best CamScanner alternative for you.

Our research suggested that Covve Scan is the best alternative on the market, as it is the world’s most accurate AI-powered business card scanning app, which is also language agnostic, so you can use it around the world. Covve Scan can be downloaded both on Android and iOS devices.

Why Covve Scan is the best business card scanner alternative to CamScanner

We’ve researched key players of the business card scanning market (so you won’t have to) and gathered a list of reasons on why people prefer Covve Scan to CamScanner and other card scanners.

This powerful business card scanner by Covve, is the world’s most accurate AI-powered card scanner and with a 4.9/5 rating on the app store, it is clear why it is our top recommended business card scanning app. Covve Scan allows you to easily scan, add to contacts, access and share business cards with the tap of a button, no matter where you are.

Covve Scan Features:

  • Recognizes more than 40 languages, way more than other card scanners
  • Scans business cards with accuracy, using AI powered image reading
  • Efficiently add notes, tags and location
  • Organize and search on an intuitive and powerful interface
  • Add the scanned information to your contacts at the press of a button
  • Easily export to Excel, Outlook or Google Contacts
  • It’s private, as Covve’s terms and tech protect your data

As  you can probably tell from the name, Covve Scan, is brought to you by the team behind Covve the smartest contacts app, meaning that accuracy and ease of use are guaranteed. You can even use your business card scanner alongside the Covve app, and that will give you even more exciting features, as Covve is designed to help professionals easily manage their contacts, grow their network and even create and share their own top notch digital business card.


Whether you are looking for the best CamScanner alternative or just looking for the most accurate business card scanner out there, we believe that Covve Scan is the app for you. You can download it both from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and you may even find that Covve has more to offer compared to other scanners you have previously used.

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