COVID is on the rise again in Virginia, and business owners are concerned

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Business owners from all over Virginia are losing sleep due to the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cases are rising exponentially once more. Augusta County is especially badly hit in many ways. However, it’s not necessarily the end. There are ways to cope and brace through this storm. The resurgence of the pandemic doesn’t need to be what will spell the doom of business owners from the county, or Virginia in general.

Knowing the ways to effectively cope with the rise in infection rate is key to economic perseverance right now. Sadly, more likely than not, most Virginia business owners are still ill-equipped to handle COVID-19 even after more than a year of the raging pandemic, despite federal aid.

That needs to change fast. In this piece, we’re going to look at a couple of alternatives or solutions. When put in practice with due diligence, these can easily turn out to be the difference between an ailing business and one that can cope with the pandemic.

How to pivot and succeed as a business dealing with COVID-19

1. Bolster the supply chains

One of the most badly hit aspects of businesses led by the pandemic’s resurgence is a tattered supply chain. You need to make sure that you’re prepared to handle any material shortages and fill any gaps in the service you provide to your end customers or clients.

This can be done by preparing solutions and having a supply chain-specific plan for COVID-19. Learn from your mistakes and chart a course of action that can keep the ship afloat during the rise of the pandemic and its negative effects. For example, keep a list of alternative suppliers or delivery people. for example.

Don’t let the shortage of materials, personnel, or service providers affect you any more than it should. Companies that fail to prepare for any upcoming supply chain disruptions tend to lose the most in the face of problems such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Be smarter and have a plan ready. How will materials be procured? How will service be ensured without compromising on quality? How will you ensure that the business keeps delivering as much as possible without sacrificing key competencies?

2. Invest in digital marketing

Digital marketing has never been more relevant. The importance of having a strong online presence and utilizing efficient marketing tactics is undoubtedly the single most important factor in a marketing plan in the post-COVID-19 era.

Good digital marketing helps your company in many ways.

  • It allows you to connect emotionally with your target group or customers better. Traditional advertising like TV ads or billboards is many times less effective than modern digital marketing.
  • Most of the consumers are online. Additionally, their trust in purchasing and transacting online has strengthened due to the newfound dependence on e-commerce platforms and the like.
  • As everyone else is already building an online presence, the only way to stand out is propagating “why you?” In other words, you need to refine your uniqueness. The best way to make this message reach your target audience and to separate yourself from the chaff is to invest in high-quality digital marketing.

Samuel Adams, the managing director of the digital marketing brand Promo Leads, says that “any company that’s still not aiming for a digital brand identity is missing out on a lot of potential customers, as well as staying behind in the race to modernized business.”

Deriving from that, we can also ascertain that being stuck in the pre-COVID era in terms of advertising and marketing disables you from leveraging cutting-edge and infinitely more efficient, optimized techniques to generate leads and business growth.

Final thoughts

Even if you leverage better supply chain management tactics or digital marketing, your business is only as good as your decisions when it comes to choosing between service providers. For example, choosing an effective digital marketing brand like Promo Leads can truly assist in growing your business, when compared to a run-of-the-mill marketing agency that has tall claims and airy promises for you but no skills.

Story by Umesh Kumar Keshri

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