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Convert word to fillable pdf

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Everyone within this digital world use paperwork. Students, teachers, small offices, to corporate no one can avoid using documents. Sometimes we need a simple word file and intermittently, we need a fillable pdf to collect data or some other purpose.

Most of you may ask me this is very easy why need an article for this! If you know, this is very easy, but if you don’t know how to create a fillable pdf, it is a massively time-consuming task.

Today I will show you how easily you can make a fillable pdf by using Microsoft word and adobe acrobat reader. Here you go..

Step 1: Choose a document from your pc and open it to convert a fillable pdf.

Step 2: Now follow the simple procedure by clicking file > print. From that drop-down, make sure adobe pdf is selected. Then next..

Step 3: You will ask where you will save your file. You can choose whatever either desktop or document folder. You can also make a custom folder within your drive to store this file. After selecting the destination, your pc will automatically create a simple pdf file. You use adobe acrobat editing software to work further.

Step 4: In our adobe acrobat, we have our simple pdf file. Now we will command to make a fillable pdf form. We will go and click tools > Forms Then click create

Step 5: We are almost near to our final steps. After clicking the create button editing program will follow some simple steps. First, electing current documents then next. Again next page, you will pick the option to use the current documents then next.

Step 6: After that, adobe will finally try to make a fillable pdf form. You may need to edit a few columns or fields to make a pdf output finally. Here, you can also add or delete some things into your form. Otherwise, you can go further ahead.

Step 7: We are almost in our finishing line. We can now further check our documents. If everything ok we will do a preview to check how it appears to others.

As everything seems ok, we now go to the file section again and save or save as to complete our work.

One additional tip you can still edit if you think to add some more information into it. Just click edit and do editing and save the work. That’s it.

Why use PDF Format

Now you know how to create any word file into a fillable pdf. So you must also understand why you use pdf format in your daily life. Here are some reasons.

As I previously said, pdf is the worldly use file format in this busy world. You can not ignore its importance by not utilizing it. Because this is the most secure file format in this world. You can control your documents by using a password. Moreover, any sort of unauthorized editing or use can be easily stopped by using this format.

Another most essential benefit of using pdf is it can compress any file format to a lower size without compromising the also do not have to worry about not opening the file in your device or can be used on any operating system like windows or mac or even mobile devices android or ios.

Finally, now you aware of how to convert a word file to a fillable pdf. I hope this article will help you. If you have any questions, just comment or contact us.

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