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Contributing to science and the greater good: Top 4 organizations to invest in

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For those of you that are interested in science and charitable work, investing in an organization that dedicates its work towards medical science and charity – can be an extremely rewarding venture.

The human body is a fascinating masterpiece, ever-growing, and regenerating. There are many things you can volunteer to donate or be paid to be involved in for the progression of medical science and supporting those in need. Take a look at our top 4 organizations we think everyone should be involved in.

Living Donation

A living donation is the donation of blood, tissue, stem cells, and organs not needed for life.

Living donations such as the donation of tissue and stem cells can be more specialized, with some patients waiting for a donor match for a long time.

Organizations such as Anthony Nolan bring together donor and patient by creating a database to find a match globally. Registration is simple, and you will receive a special ‘spit kit’ to send off for testing before being added to the database for any future matches.

Hair Donation

Children and adults all over the world are suffering from hair loss because of cancer, alopecia, and other conditions in which the hair is affected. Suffer in silence when looking in the mirror.

Sufferers often experience a lack of confidence and become withdrawn, all because they look different.

Donating your hair is easy, why not donate when you’re going to get your haircut anyway. If you fit the guidelines to contribute to making a beautiful wig for someone who needs one, don’t let your hair go to waste when it could put a smile back on someone’s face.


Not banks for investing money but banks for donating sperm and breast milk. These organizations are helping people across the world bring babies home.

When you contribute to a sperm bank, you will be added into a database. Your sample could then be used to help people, and couples with fertility issues finally have a baby. When searching for a donor, people search for an array of specifics. Maybe you’d be the perfect fit for somebody?

Volunteering to donate breast milk can make a notable difference for premature and neonatal babies. This type of donation is perfect for nursing mums with a surplus of milk or those who are weaning, supporting babies and families in need with something that would otherwise go to waste.

Clinical Trials

Clinical studies are a crucial part of medical progression. Trailing medicines in any form before they become available to the public is a legal procedure to ensure they are 100% safe for the consumer.

Website services searching for volunteers such as BioPharma uses their platform to advertise for the right candidates for clinical studies Toronto. Outlining precisely, who they’re looking for and what the research involves. It is then your decision if the financial compensation for your time, outways the risk.

Amazing bodies

Our bodies are truly incredible; why shouldn’t we use them for the greater good. Donating to science can not only be rewarding but can help your finances too. Some donations are simple, others more complex. What you invest your time in depends on your interests, ethical boundaries, and level of dedication to each cause.

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