Conservative lobby opposes McDonnell transportation plan

bob-mcdonnell-linksAmericans for Prosperity announced Friday that it opposes fee and tax increases included in Gov. Bob McDonnell’s transportation plan.

The conservative lobby made the announcement in its rollout of its legislative agenda. The group praised McDonnell for proposing to end the gas tax, but said it opposes planks of his transportation funding plan that raise registration fees for cars and trucks and the 0.8 percent increase in the state sales tax.

“Any transportation funding reforms should be revenue neutral,” Americans for Prosperity said in a statement.

“We support making sure that the funds collected for roads are only used for transportation needs, not other pet projects.  Additionally, we will oppose attempts to adjust the gas tax to inflation as proposed in the Senate.  We look to support a plan that is revenue neutral and creates a steady stream of revenue to fix our ailing transportation infrastructure,” the group said.

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