Computer: The 5 errors to avoid

We deal here with a very important topic. Let’s talk about behaviors to avoid in order to prevent problems with the computer related to security or functionality. Here are the five errors that we should never commit.

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    Opening suspicious links or attachments
    The most frequent mistake concerns electronic mail and computer security. Every day thousands of spam e-mails circulate, which hide various pitfalls. Phishing e-mails are very accurate messages, often provided with logos of banks or companies that ask the user to click on a link and to provide personal information. It is good practice to avoid falling into these pitfalls, as banks and companies hardly require this type of action. Another dangerous threat is represented by spam mails that contain attachments or links like viruses and malware. The presence of an antivirus is not always a guarantee of protection from these threats, so better to be careful.
    In case of Panini, the installation of its drivers is completely safe and, in case you receive e-mails from the company telling to click on a certain link, there are no doubts it is a scam.

  2. Download non-trusted programs
    Often we have frenzy and desire to install programs or hardwares on the computer, just for simple curiosity. The most common practice is to type the name of the program on the search engine and click on the results that seem most correct. Unfortunately, the network is full of garbage and there are many sites that allow the download of softwares that often turn out to be. The advice here is to avoid looking for commercial programs on Google or Bing, in the hope of finding the software for free. It is better to click on the official website of the software manufacturer and follow the instructions. The same can be said in the case of driver installation by Panini (
  3. Connect to unknown wireless networks
    Connecting to public networks without proper precautions can be very dangerous. The information that passes from our PC can, in fact, be intercepted by anyone within the network. If we connect to shared wi-fi networks, it is better to have a security suite that also includes a firewall in order to avoid intrusions into our PC data and information.
  4. Overcome the software and driver updates
    The operating system and the programs installed on the PC require the installation of some security and functionality updates, the same in the case of Panini’s driver installation. To proceed with the update, it is necessary to use the possible update function present in the application or download a new version, updating the current one.
  5. Leave the backup of personal data
    One of the most common errors in computing is to completely ignore the regular backup of personal data. The habit of storing documents, photos, and videos only on the PC is widespread and dangerous. The files on the hard disk are vulnerable and depend on the conditions of the software and the computer hardware. If a backup is not performed and the disk is broken, or the machine is infected with dangerous viruses, the data may be lost forever. It is therefore essential to backup the PC manually, or using specific softwares.

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