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Comparison between Shopify and Bigcommerce

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If you try to start a business, projecting an e-commerce, you will have the dilemma and the difficult decision of which e-marketing company to choose.

Let’s compare this options: Big Commerce vs Shopify Plus to build an online business, one of them is Bigcommerce and the other is Shopify plus which in the opinion of those specialized in commerce represents the most popular and used choice on the internet.

These two platforms are probably the biggest monsters of online stores, so conceiving this comparison will allow elucidating on the different characteristics they have, to know their similarities, differences and advantages between both.

What is Bigcommerce?

Bigcommerce is an e-commerce hosted on an extraordinary platform, having immediately an online store and with a minimum effort to load to offer their products.

This network is specially configured for business customers of large brands, offering various features and a comfortable way to use.

This electronic company offers great prices of shops with which you have the option of free trial for 15 days, allowing you to know it widely and if you are interested in acquiring a plan that suits the business afterwards.

Similarities and differences between the two platforms

We can say that both have very similar characteristics, see below

  • Both are very affordable
  • Its set of functionalities are very similar
  • Easy to use
  • Both offer the same features and limitations
  • Offers mobile-optimized shop
  • Both have no transaction fees

Big Commerce vs. Shopify Review

Both platforms are extraordinarily excellent functionalities; however there are differences that make the user choose one over the other, having different utility advantages

What are the advantages of Shopify compared to Bigcommerce?

Read on to find out why you should choose Shopify over Bigcommerce

  • Differences in functionality
  • It offers automatic recovery of abandoned carts at a lower price.
  • Its point of sale is another great piece of functionality that makes the decision process different, having a totally integrated solution
  • Offering an extraordinary benefit to merchants just starting out in this market, it has truly grown a supplier community that caters to direct shipping buyers.

This greatly enhances tools, resources and knowledge to help the customer grow their direct mail brand with greater convenience and ease.

Although direct shipping is not exclusive to early stage entrepreneurs, those just starting out in e-commerce are much more likely to have exclusive Dropship products. The pricing structure of the platform and the ease of getting started are very attractive to this market.

  • If you are starting out and looking to get a direct and more profitable send with this e-commerce is the right choice
  • There are no limits on sales in the store.
  • Better credit rates, getting better processing fees when you use this platform, meaning you make more money with your online sales.
  • Templates are better and bigger.
  • More flexibility and options to have more choice to work on the platform without complications.
  • Better accessories adding more products to your store
  • Greater availability of topics. Traditionally, the costs associated with building a new website are mostly overhead, making the choice of that topic somewhat complicated.
  • You have greater availability of third-party applications. Having a large ecosystem of APPS may be just what you need with affordable functionality.

So why choose Shopify over Bigcommerce?

It has been growing exponentially every year, attracting many customers, being more economical for new entrepreneurs, having a third party ecosystem and with greater ease of manipulation.

We hope that with these various reasons we have helped you to make an excellent decision, being easier and with the purpose of achieving a higher sales profit with the best e-commerce platform.

Story by Scott Williams

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