Common prompts for presenting the membership software proposal to board members

online printingWhile presenting the membership software to your board, it is not an easy task to convince the board members to agree into inducting a membership software into the business. There are a lot of factors which have to be taken into consideration. However, you must be clever and tactical enough to convince the board members by stating numerous advantages of the membership software and hence, urge them to include it into the organization to make it more effective and productive.

Some of the most common prompts are:

Convince the CEO

Before approaching the board for convincing the about the membership software, it is necessary that you manage and get the CEO on your side. You must be able to influence the CEO, who in return can convince the board. The board will have much more influence if the CEO pressurize them on inducting it. The groundwork for the argument can be laid down by the CEO and you can work on it and build upon it. The CEO’s opinion matters a lot and if he/she is already on your side, you are good to go.

Persuasive presentation

A persuasive and an effective presentation is sure to catch the attention of the board members and change their opinions. You can get them on your side by delivering a good presentation and convincing them. You must use the formal language and be patient while convincing them. Make the right move and deliver a good convincing speech, which would surely get them on your side.

The budget

You must do a thorough research beforehand and be prepared for any questions which the board may pose up on you. Here, the budget factor is very critical. The budget is very necessary as any board would want to know how much they will have to invest before receiving any benefits from it. Hence, you need to make a clear presentation about the benefits of the software and how usefully the money invested by the would be utilized.

You must be clear on the budget of the software and all costs which might be incurred in future. You must have a security plan and you should be able to present it properly. You must have good trustable funds and thereby must turn the board on your side.

Know about the current state of your software

You must be knowledgeable about the current state of your software. You must research well and know about the loopholes and the weaknesses of the current software. You can target these points and use them as a string point to convince the board members. The new software that you are suggesting must cover up all these features and this can help you in forming a very strong presentation in favor of buying the software. You need to carve down all the possible challenges and the laggings in the current software and you can use them easily to convince the board members.


Hence, it could be difficult convincing the board members. However, if you choose the right technique and take right measures then it would be easy to convince. Therefore, be patient and then take proper action.

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