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Battle Infinity’s New Crypto Presale Hits $1 Million In A Fortnight

Battle Infinity Crypto Game
Battle Infinity Game Teaser Trailer – via YouTube

Not that Fortnite – but this UK based crypto game and NFT project aims to redefine blockchain gaming for worldwide gamers.

The ambitious Battle Infinity project states in its whitepaper that its global player base will ‘enter the multiverse of metaverse’ and be able to compete for ‘play to earn’ (P2E) rewards across several Battle Arena gameplay formats.

In the last crypto bull run Axie Infinity’s native token AXS exploded in value by over 160,000% – from ten cents in November 2020 to around $165 shortly before Christmas 2021.

Can the Battle Infinity game achieve a similar historic bull cycle? Project lead Sureshi Joshi is optimistic the 2022 crypto winter is set to turn around and his new crypto coin, IBAT, will perform well for early investors.

‘We haven’t even begun proper marketing yet so we expect the presale pace to pick up considerably as we close in on our hard cap of 16,500 BNB – as the word gets out and the chance of 10x or even 100x gains feeds the FOMO. Our early investors and supporters will not be disappointed.’ – Joshi

The Latest Crypto Game Presale – Battle Infinity

Early investors are purchasing IBAT, the in-game currency and rewards token, to hold a stake in the company and take a gamble on it being an investment asset. That crypto presale runs until October 10th but at the current pace may sell out earlier.

Similar play to earn utility tokens of metaverse games have been great investments – AXS is still up 150x since its ICO (initial coin offering) despite falling out of favor with gamers. ALICE, the native coin of blockchain builder game My Neighbor Alice is still up 18x after the 2022 bear market.

After raising $3 million at ICO in 2020, the native token of The Sandbox (SAND) is today up 136x. The other heavy hitter is the Decentraland game – its native currency MANA is up 35x.

If history is anything to do by, that explains the early level of investor interest in Battle Infinity (IBAT). The Battle Infinity presale has so far raised 4637 BNB which in USD terms is $1,112,000, in one fortnight – or for US readers, two weeks.

Binance Coin (BNB) is the asset used to buy IBAT coin at presale, a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. Presale investors only need a MetaMask wallet or Trust Wallet to store their IBAT tokens in and connect to the presale.battleinfinity.io website with.

Then its a case of waiting for the new crypto coin to launch on cryptocurrency exchanges for trading, and an early game demo to be released – project development has now begun as the presale soft cap has been passed, so this metaverse game is confirmed for Q4 2022 and will run on the Unreal Engine. Will it be the next big crypto game of 2023?

Fantasy Sports & Crypto Games

Sureshi Joshi – a graduate of Delhi University – is gambling on one of its main crypto games attracting a wide audience in India. As well as the futuristic battle games video gaming enthusiasts have come to know and love, Battle Infinity will also host decentralized fantasy sports leagues allowing players to draft a team to compete in matches with others across the world, and earn free crypto while doing so.

A 2022 study by Seton Hall University found that 24% of US households have owned either crypto or NFTs at some point in time. However when that house was home to an avid sports fan, the percentage rose drastically to 57%. Crossovers between sports and cryptocurrency have been done – but a daily fantasy sports (DFS) themed crypto game would be a first for the industry.

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