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LUNC Classic Drops 30% in 7 Days After 124% 30-Day Growth – Is It Too Late to Buy Luna Classic?

William Macmaster

The controversial Terra Classic (LUNC) had a very strong November and early December, experiencing 123% growth in the last 30 days, hinting at a possible revival of the once-popular token.

Moreover, the general impression is that the entire Terra ecosystem is doing great lately, with even the failed stablecoin TerraClassicUSD (USTC) posting significant gains.

However, not everyone is convinced that these gains are sustainable, with the last 7-days telling quite a different tale. Let’s take a look to see if it is too late to buy LUNC, or if tokens like Bitcoin ETF (BTCETF), Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX), Meme Kombat (MK), and TG. Casino (TGC) may be better buys as we head into the final period of the year. 

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LUNC Classic Surged 124%, But Dropped 30% Losses 7 Days – Where Is The Price Going Next?

With the LUNC surge, plenty of investors are taking a closer look at the token many believed was done for just a few months back but has LUNC posted a total of almost 240% surge in the last month. 

One of the reasons for these gains is the recent unanimous community approval of Proposal 11890, titled “Upgrade to v2.3.2”, aimed at resolving the syncing issues the token has been having. The fact that the vote was unanimous is proof enough that the managing team has full community support, something we rarely see these days. The vote triggered the first wave of cascading gains, which saw LUNC reach $0.0002436 on Tuesday.

The other contributing factor to the LUNC surge is the overall bullish market sentiment fueled by recent Bitcoin gains.

Some analysts even argue that this is far more important, as investors still lack trust in Terra Luna, despite the strong community support. Hence, these concerns may be proven and joys may be short-lived. This is due to the fact that in the last 7 days, LUNC has suffered 30% losses as the market at large has seen a drop-off.


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 Hence it is time to look at four tokens that are still in presale and can be bought on the cheap, offering significantly better ROI, are better investment opportunities than LUNC or any other Terra token. 

Furthermore, most analysts agree that LUNC has peaked for the time being and that it is too late to invest in it now. 

 Bitcoin ETF – Best Token for Crypto ETFs

The upcoming SEC approval of crypto ETFs can easily be one of the most profound changes the crypto market has seen in years. Opportunities that crypto ETFs bring have spurred a lot of developers to start thinking about tokens that will exist solely to benefit from them, but the team behind Bitcoin ETF has beat them all to the punch.

The project is already deployed, awaiting the first ETFs ready. As one of the first crypto ETF tokens on the market, BTCETF has grabbed investors’ attention, making its presale one of the hottest items on the market. With $3.4 million raised, BTCETF is in the final stages, and those planning on profiting from its predicted success need to hurry up.


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Bitcoin Minetrix – The Savior of Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Featuring an innovative Stake2Mine mechanism, Bitcoin Minetrix is hailed as the project that will revitalize the stagnant Bitcoin cloud mining sector. Once considered an excellent alternative to traditional mining, cloud mining has since become bogged down with several crippling issues. Bitcoin Minetrix is designed to resolve them and bring this once-promising industry back to life.

The basic principle of S2M revolves around staking BTCMTX tokens. In return, holders receive non-tradeable ERC-20 tokens, which act as mining credits. Burning them will earn them mining time cloud mining platforms, allowing them to mine Bitcoin without the need to invest in expensive mining rigs.

The concept is extremely popular, proven by the fact that BTCMTX has already raised $4.9 million in presale. Priced at just $0.012, the token is a steal, considering its predicted price once the listings on crypto exchanges start. The developers have also offered automatic staking for all investors during the presale, which is uncharacteristic for crypto projects. This allows holders to start earning an APY of 112% even before the project goes live. It is no wonder that presale allocation is dwindling fast, hinting at the premature end and start of listings ahead of schedule.

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Meme Kombat – The Most Promising P2E Platform on the Market

Meme coins have made a spectacular comeback in 2023, with tokens like Pepe creating a new batch of crypto millionaires. Meme Kombat aims to repeat Pepe’s performance but also introduces an interesting twist to the meme coin niche. Designed as a Play2Earn app, Meme Kombat features popular memes duking it out in an arena. Each fight offers players a chance to earn massive rewards by betting on the outcome. 

Meme Kombat is, without a doubt, one of the, if not the most promising P2E platforms on the market. A combination of popular memes with a highly attractive betting system is proving to be irresistible for investors and future users. This makes its native token MK, a far superior alternative to LUNC, especially if you missed out on the initial surge.

The popularity of the concept is proven by the enormous success of MK’s presale. Having raised more than $2.2 million so far, the presale is racing towards the end. With the first listings on crypto exchanges on the horizon, it is expected that MK will explode and bring massive windfall to its early investors. Fortunately, there is still time to become a part of that group.

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TG. Casino – The Brightest Star on the GambleFi Sky

Incorporating an online casino into one of the biggest messaging apps on the market may easily become one of the best ideas we have seen lately on the crypto market. The integration of TG. Casino, an emerging GambleFi star, and Telegram is providing the aspiring Telegram casino bot with instant access to millions of users. It is no wonder that investors are going wild for the new crypto project, shaping up to become one of the most popular online casinos in the world.

But gaining users is just one part of the equation. Keeping them often proves even more challenging and that is why the team behind TG. Casino has gone to great lengths to provide them with the best games the industry has to offer. The list of software providers is quite impressive and includes the biggest names on the market, including Evolution, NetEnt, Red Tiger, and many more.

To make things even simpler and more appealing, TG. Casino doesn’t require any of the bothersome KYC procedures for its players that most other online casinos insist on. Users can simply log in to their Telegram accounts and gain instant access to hundreds of titles.

With $3.4 million raised, TGC presale is well on its way, preparing for the upcoming CEX and DEX listings. With limited time left, investors are scrambling to get in on the ground floor of this amazing GambleFi project, offering better returns than LUNC.


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Even though LUNC surged 109% in just one week, not everyone is convinced that it represents a valid investment option. Analysts agree that the main driving force behind the surge is the bullish sentiment prevailing on the crypto market at the moment, mostly created by strong Bitcoin performance. As the entire market is gaining, we tend to agree with this analysis.

There are far better investment opportunities available, mostly represented by emerging tokens like BTCETF, BTCMTX, MK, and TGC. Currently in presale, these tokens offer low-risk, high-reward options that can make a bundle for their investors, provided they act quickly and catch them while they are still cheap.