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Love Hate Inu (LHINU) Smashes $1 Million Milestone in Two Weeks of Presale – Don’t Miss Out, Buy Now!

2023 looks like it could be the year of the meme coin. Traditionally the currencies have been volatile in terms of their price and growth patterns, however, since their inception the quality of the coin’s ecosystems has grown exponentially. Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is a perfect example of that.

Meme coins volatility used to be attached to the fact that they didn’t really have any properties other than their ability to go viral. The two main coins, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu were created as jokes so obviously, they weren’t originally planning for a future. Coins like Love Hate Inu have learned from these mistakes and have built projects that still have the capabilities to go viral but also have much more to their ecosystems. 

Even Shiba Inu will soon launch Shibarium which will be its layer two network. This is a huge development for meme coins and will likely help Love Hate Inu too as it shows that future growth is very possible and even likely. Projects like Love Hate Inu and Tamadoge have likely spurred Shiba Inu to make these forward steps, this market competitiveness is good as it will get the best out of the projects.

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Hottest Presale Currently Ongoing 

While love Hate Inu (LHINU) has many other properties that make it a must-have coin, we will get into that later. The ability to go viral, however, is still one of the most important factors that they can possess. If the presale is anything to by, this meme coin will have no problems in that department.

The presale is only two weeks old and already influencers and experts are all over it. $100,000 was raised in the first week alone and the $1 million point was reached before we even got 10 days into the coin being available for purchase. The figure currently stands at over $1.25 million and with a few days left before the next price increase we expect that to shoot up soon.

As we mentioned, influencers are already all over the coin as its online presence has already started to take off. One YouTube search and you will see pages of influencers already professing their love for Love Hate Inu. Over on Twitter, the account has 34 thousand followers already despite being less than a month old, so clearly we can see this latest meme coin will be able to rival any competition in the virality stakes. 

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Why You Should Buy Love Hate Inu Now 

Love Hate Inu has much more to it than just being a super fun meme coin. It is also a vote-to-earn (V2E) platform where users can go to vote on the most topical subjects of the day. For example, at the moment the site has examples of celebrities and you can vote whether you like them or not. Each side of the vote is represented by a fun angel and devil version of the celebrity.

Another way the project has learned from the mistakes of other cryptos is by putting serious effort into protecting their coin holders. Before anyone can vote on a poll they will have to have stalked LHINU for 30 days, this way the integrity of the poll is protected and can not be ruined by vote spamming or rigging in any way.

The stake-to-vote system also ensures voter anonymity, Love Hate Inu also provides a place for voters to discuss their opinions on polls and their identity will be protected here too. Both of these measures will be welcomed as they will allow voters to express their opinions without fear of being ridiculed.

Speaking about security, the popular new meme coin also has ensured the project’s long-term future. Rug pulls and pump-and-dump scams have unfortunately blighted the crypto market for quite some time. Love Hate Inu has allocated 90% of its total coins to be sold during the presale. This means that only buyers that really care about the future of the project will be involved in its future and will be able to have a say on future decisions.

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Meme coins look like they could be some of the hottest properties on the crypto market in 2023. We can see real scope for improvement across the board. However, new coins like Love Hate Inu have the advantage over more established coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. They had the advantage of examining these projects, learning from their mistakes, and improving on them.

The presale has been a resounding success so far and looks like it has the momentum of a runaway train. The price will increase before the end of the week so interested investors would be strongly advised to invest now as this price should be as low as it will ever be.