Commercial News From DEXTools Champion to Explosive Listing: Unveiling the Factors Behind AiDoge’s Meteoric Rise!

From DEXTools Champion to Explosive Listing: Unveiling the Factors Behind AiDoge’s Meteoric Rise!

It seems that the next big thing in crypto is finally here. Following the first listings on June 19th, AiDoge ($AI) has experienced a meteoric rise, making a bundle for early investors with 100x gains. It is also causing a massive FOMO for people who failed to claim it during the presale, but they still have a chance to get on the bandwagon before $AI goes to the Moon.

A revolutionary meme-generating app has been in the public’s eye ever since it was announced earlier this year. After a record-breaking presale, AiDoge’s native token $AI went public, hitting MEXC and Uniswap crypto exchanges and immediately surging. Here is what you need to know about this amazing token and why you should invest in it before the price goes even higher.

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Can AiDoge Outperform PEPE?

Pepe Coin was all the rage on the crypto market last month, claiming an incredible 9,000% growth in a matter of days. Now, the question on everyone’s lips is whether $AI can repeat PEPE’s success or even beat it.

Judging by the first reaction to AiDoge’s listing, the answer is yes. The amazing app has attracted a loyal following during the presale and users can’t wait to see it go live. In the meantime, its native token is becoming the number one topic in the crypto world, as it surges on the exchanges. For the most part, its success is driven by the possibilities offered by the AiDoge platform, but there is also some FOMO sprinkled on top of it. Investors, especially those who missed out on PEPE, don’t want to miss another big token and are gobbling up all tokens that appear on MEXC and Uniswap.

The huge gains have landed AiDoge at the top spot on the decentralized marketplace DEXTools, demonstrating a strong interest from investors. Once the initial euphoria passes, we can expect a slight dip in $AI’s price, but that is part of a normal crypto cycle for newly listed tokens. Experts agree that the token will pick up steam again, continuing its meteoric rise.

AiDoge’s Presale Was Record-Breaking, Raising $19 million

With $19 million raised, AiDoge had one of the most successful presales of the year. The huge potential the app has demonstrated was an irresistible draw to early-bird investors, who flocked to it. Raised funds will secure the development of the app and help developers install all the promised features.

Those who have bought $AI during presale can now claim their tokens and enjoy the windfall or opt to wait for an even bigger reward in the future. Judging by the huge interest for $AI on the market, liquidity is not an issue, like with so many viral meme coins in the past.

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The AI-Powered App Will Revolutionize Meme Creation

Capitalizing on two of the hottest topics at the moment, AiDoge offers users an easy and simple way of creating memes by utilizing a powerful AI. It can generate popular memes based on simple text prompts provided by users. The AI under the hood will perform all the heavy lifting, finding appropriate images and even offering a text breakdown. All users have to do is share the newly-minted meme on their social accounts.

The simplicity and speed will make AiDoge an essential tool for all meme creators. To help them create a dependable side income, the app will reward the most popular memes, voted by the community gathered around the platform. The so-called Meme2Earn approach ensures that there will always be more than enough eager meme makers ready to use the app and share their creations with the community.

AiDoge’s users will also benefit from the blockchain technology powering it and allowing smart contracts. With them, their ownership rights will never be in question, allowing them to claim any and all benefits that may arise from it. This is achieved by tokenization, or transforming each meme into an original NFT. That way the copyright issues are resolved elegantly and transferring ownership can be achieved easily.

What Is Next for AiDoge – Is Binance the Next Big Target?

After a successful MEXC premiere, the team behind the AiDoge already has their eyes on the next target. Understandably, they are very tightlipped about it, but rumors circulating around the project mention Binance as the possible destination. A listing on the most popular crypto exchange will prompt a huge pump, making $AI even more successful. If the rumors are true, this would be a great opportunity to buy $AI before the Binance listing propels it skyward.

In the meantime, the token continues its rampage on MEXC and Uniswap, already exceeding $4 million in daily trading volume, another indicator of strong growth. Regardless of the next crypto exchange, the token is performing amazingly and securing massive returns for its investors.

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AiDoge hit the ground running, with explosive growth immediately after the first listings on MEXC and Uniswap. The amazing Web3 app offers a first-of-a-kind meme creation platform that can help meme creators obtain an income stream from their art.

With its native token $AI wreaking havoc on the market and claiming the number one spot on DEXTools, AiDoge is preparing for the next step in its development. So far, all the goals stated in the roadmap have been met and the team is confident that the launch of the platform will go without a hitch. As the investors are reaping benefits from the meteoric rise of $AI, experts claim that the best is yet to come, as they predict 100x growth in the near future for the popular meme coin. With possible Binance listing in the works, this may the last opportunity to buy it before it explodes.