Commercial News Experts Insist New AI Coin Is Expected To Pump 50x

Experts Insist New AI Coin Is Expected To Pump 50x

So far this year we have witnessed several successful AI projects that have captivated the public’s attention. Platforms like ChatGPT have been a focal point of many media stories, creating an enormous interest in AI and its development. The crypto world hasn’t been excluded from this AI mania and tokens like The Graph and Singularity have been gaining some traction on the market.

However, it was not until AiDoge (Ai) was launched a few weeks ago that we witnessed a token that combines AI with meme power. This potent mix turned out to be a winning combination and many experts claim that AiDoge will pump 50x by the end of the year. But what makes it so successful?


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AiDoge is an app that uses advanced AI features to generate memes, based on the users’ input. It is by far the easiest and most ingenious way of creating popular memes and the interest for the app is already huge. Despite the early stage of the project, both ordinary users and investors are paying a lot of attention to it.

AI could be the biggest invention in human history, easily comparable to the wheel and fire. Some would say that using such a powerful tool to create memes is a sign of our society’s immaturity, but those people obviously don’t know much about memes. They represent a modern way of communication and some linguist even claim that memes are a new language of younger generations. Even if you don’t subscribe to this view, there is no denying that memes have taken the world by storm and are here to stay.

That is why projects that provide meme generation are always popular, especially highly advanced ones like AiDoge. Its beauty is in its simplicity, as users will only have to input an idea, everything else will be done by a powerful AI behind the scenes, including finding appropriate images and formatting text. For instance, all you will have to do is say “Create a meme showing my hate for banks” and the app will take care of the rest. The entire process will take seconds and your new meme will be ready to go in no time.  The speed allows for meme generation in real-time, ensuring you can use it even during conversations with your friends.

Missed Chances with Pepe Coin Fuel AiDoge FOMO

Another meme coin that gained incredible traction and exploded is Pepe Coin. The frog-themed token caused a literal frenzy, causing it to pump 21,000% and reach a daily trading volume of $30 million. Needless to say, some people made a lot of money in the process, but a far bigger number of investors overslept and missed the chance. That is why so many of them are now buying AiDoge, as FOMO kicks in. Simply put, they don’t want to be caught napping twice in a row.

FOMO is a powerful drive for investors, especially when it is based on facts and realistic expectations, like in AiDoge’s case. That is why we can expect a lot of pressure on Ai pressure supply to accommodate all the buyers.

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Why Is AiDoge Better Investment Than Pepe Coin?

The simple answer to this question is transparency. There are a lot of murky details surrounding Pepe Coin, like the fact that the biggest holder is anonymous and the same person who holds a massive Shiba Inu trove. There are already concerns about exit liquidity as too many Pepe coins are in too few hands. The trending token has increased its market cap from a few thousand dollars to $150 million in a matter of days. On the surface that may seem like good news, but it has all the classic hallmarks of a pump-and-dump scheme in the making. Furthermore, the timing of some of the biggest purchases is very curious. The only question is who will be left holding the bag. In similar cases in the past, that were small investors who got greedy and followed the whales into the unknown.

On the other hand, AiDoge offers 50% of its total supply in presale, preventing any hoarding and eliminating pump-and-dump in the stem. Its native token Ai is not just a meme coin, but also a utility currency used within the ecosystem, providing it with a clear demand and transparent value. The entire app is based on a self-sufficient revenue model that has clear parameters and a well-defined mission. Compared to Pepe Coin, which relies solely on internet hype to drive its value, it is clear that AiDoge is a far better investment option, not to mention a much safer one.

AiDoge Offers a Lucrative Staking Option

Another selling point for AiDoge is its lucrative staking option that allows holders to create a stream of passive income. Apart from the obvious monetary gain, the staking option allows users to earn more Ai and create more memes. It also gives them more power within AiDoge’s voting system that allows users to vote for the best memes.

Voting is one of the most engaging features in the AiDoge system, giving users an opportunity to express their opinion of other people’s creations. The most popular memes created with AiDoge’s AI will earn valuable rewards as they climb the leaderboard. Not only this brings the community together, but it also provides a powerful incentive for creators to keep on making the best memes possible.

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Even though the project is still in an early stage, all signs indicate that AiDoge will be one of the most pleasant surprises in 2023. Many experts believe, based on how the app is structured and its amazing features, that by the end of the year, Ai will pump 50x. AiDoge’s transparency removes any doubt about the developers’’ integrity, unlike the competition like Pepe Coin, which is shaping up to be yet another pump-and-dump scheme.