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5 Best Eco-Friendly Coins to Buy in 2023

So many different industries across the world are doing their best to go green. Many governments are actually even mandating it on the industries in their country, as climate change is starting to take a serious toll on the world. 

While a lot of industries have worked very hard to move in that direction, some are still lagging quite far behind. Some of the major players in cryptocurrency, for instance, are still huge energy consumers. For instance, just one transaction of Bitcoin consumes 2,264 kWh (or Kilowatt-hours) of electricity, which is the equivalent of the amount of electricity it takes to boil water in 1,500 kettles. With all of that electricity consumption comes carbon emissions, which is very damaging to the environment.

Not all crypto coins are like this, though. In fact, there are many new crypto projects that are extremely eco-friendly and are playing their part in making the world a better place to live. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best eco-friendly coins to buy in 2023, led by C+Charge (CCHG), an innovative new payment platform for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations.

5 Best Eco-Friendly Coins to Buy in 2023 – Quick Outline

Before we dive into the full details, he’s a quick outline of the 5 best eco-friendly coins to buy in 2023:

  • C+Charge – Democratizing carbon credits
  • Tezos — Tons of transactions with little energy
  • IOTA – A ‘green’ approach to IoT
  • Chia — A new way to proof
  • Flow — NFT creators can stay green


1. C+Charge — Democratizing Carbon Credits

C+Charge (CCHG) is a robust new Peer-to-Peer payment system set up specifically for EV charging stations. Users are able to use the app to pay for their EV charging using the $CCHG token. There are many benefits to doing this. First and foremost, it eliminates the need for using a credit or debit card at a charging station, which some people just don’t like to do. What’s more, it makes the process seamless no matter where you’re driving – whether it’s cross-country or across the world.

The app also brings a ton of transparency to the industry that sorely lacks it. Users can see before they charge just how much the price of a particular station is, as well as the availability of the charging stations at that location. This allows them to plan out longer trips better than before.

But, perhaps the best aspect of C+Charge is the fact that it’s rewarding EV drivers with very valuable carbon credits – investments that until this point have been only really accessible to wealthy individuals or large corporations. This gives EV drivers another incentive to use C+Charge, and even incentivizes more people to make the switch to EVs.

In this way, C+Charge isn’t just an eco-friendly coin in and of itself; it’s also helping people all around the world to reduce their own carbon footprints. This is why CCHG leads the list of the 5 best eco-friendly coins to buy in 2023.

But, you better act fast, because C+Charge only has a few more weeks in presale before its first CEX launch.

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2. Tezos — Tons of Transactions with Little Energy

If you’re familiar with Tezos (XTZ), it might be because of partnerships it’s established with McLaren Racing and the Manchester United soccer team. What these two partnerships have done is allow the project to expand on its capabilities, which are quite impressive.

Tezos says in the next couple years, it will have the ability to process 1 million transactions every second. The great part about it is that on an annual basis, the crypto project will only consume the same amount of energy that 17 citizens do. That’s quite impressive, and it’s why Tezos is on this list of the 5 best eco friendly coins to buy in 2023.


3. IOTA — A ‘Green’ Approach to IoT

IOTA (MIOTA) is taking a “green” approach to the Internet of Things (IoT), which is sorely needed in the technology sector. The distributed ledger provides devices with the ability to transaction and interact with each other through what it’s calling the “Tangle.”

There’s no mining required in this approach, and there aren’t any transaction fees as well. This not only makes it highly scalable, but very environmentally friendly as well. It’s a great investment to make in 2023, especially if you’re focused on the green projects.


4. Chia — A New Way to Proof

Chia (XCH) has developed a brand new approach to transactions – what it’s calling Proof-of-Space-and-Time. This replaces the much more common PoS or PoW protocols. The advantage to this is that it allows the blockchain to validate transactions by using any space on SDDs or HDDs that’s unused.

By utilizing smaller “plots” of “hashes” on these devices, XCH can verify blocks. It leads to a very small usage of energy – only 0.16% of what Bitcoin consumes on an annual basis. That’s certainly eye-opening, and is leading many investors to put their money here in 2023.

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5. Flow — NFT Creators Can Stay Green

Flow (FLOW) just established an impressive partnership with social media platform Instagram. That’s going to bring some significant awareness to the project, which allows NFT creators to make their projects available to the masses.

While Flow is working to scale considerably, it’s also not losing focus on sustainability. The blockchain platform only uses roughly 0.16 Gigawatt hours of electricity every year. So, if you’re looking for an eco friendly coin to buy in 2023, Flow should be on your list.

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Buy C+Charge and These Eco Friendly Coins Now

There are many crypto coins that are going green, and the five above top the list for the best investments in 2023. C+Charge leads the list, thanks to its genius approach to EV charging stations and rewarding EV drivers with carbon credits.

If you want to get in on the ground level of this amazing investment opportunity, you better act fast. C+CHarge is ticking down the final presale stages before its first CEX launch goes live on Friday, March 31. So, buy now before you miss out.