Comfort for your feet: How to get rid of stains on carpets and rugs

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You know the drill. You’re carrying your morning coffee to the bedroom, you trip on a stray toy lying around and your brand new carpet is ruined. But this doesn’t mean you need to shell out for a professional clean. Check out our tips for good carpet maintenance, and why we think textiles are a must for any home.

Sure, why go to the trouble of having to clean a rug or a carpet when you could just go without and instead stick to easy-to-clean floorboards or tiles. But surely, nothing beats that cozy feel & look of a few textiles here and there – especially in the bedroom! Get a rug in a bright design, and it’ll add pizzazz to any space. A good, thick & plush carpet is great too –  and they even save energy. In winter, you can save those cold toes & most likely afford to run the heat one or two notches lower, which definitely counts.

Carpets aren’t as high maintenance as they might seem at first glance. A good once-over twice a week with a quality hoover designed for textile floors is enough for regular maintenance. Every carpet will wear down over time and the color will come off a little. That’s when a bit of cleaning is required, but don’t worry about it – you’ll be done in an afternoon.

A quick clean

Mother-in-law or another ‘high-falutin’ visitor coming round at short notice? Don’t panic – here you can simply use a powdered carpet cleaner that you buy at any supermarket. Apply it to the carpet, leave it on according to the directions, and then simply vacuum the powder. You can repeat two or three times until the carpet is as good as new.

Deeper clean

When the carpet is looking a bit dingy or you’ve embarked on a big spring clean, use the wet method. Get a special carpet shampoo to mix with water. If you’re cleaning a rug and you have it on a wood or laminate floor, back it with plastic to protect the floor. Then dampen the fibers according to the instructions – they should be damp, not wet. Scrub the carpet with a brush and leave to dry. Lastly, vacuum it thoroughly.

Cupboard helpers

You can remove stains from carpets with pretty ordinary things. If you don’t have a special stain remover at home, use baking powder. Sprinkle it on the stain, leave it on overnight and then vacuum. Citric acid will deal with pen or marker marks. Mix citric acid with water, work into the carpet, leave to work and then dab out with a damp sponge.

Bicarbonate of soda is also useful, as it cleans and disinfects and absorbs dust. Sprinkle baking soda on the stain or spray it all over the carpet. Leave overnight and then vacuum. Afterwards, the carpet should be brightened, clean and fragrant.

For dark stains – such as red wine, coffee or juice – use a vinegar solution to get rid of them. Mix it to a ratio of one part vinegar to three parts water. Spray the stain with a spray bottle and then place a damp cloth over the stain and wait until the stain is gone. Finally, vacuum the carpet thoroughly.

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Story by Michelle Murray

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