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Combining sports and business: Top career opportunities revolving around sports

Athletes probably have the least conventional jobs on the planet, and probably the most opposite to a work from home type of job. If you want to learn more about how to start a work from home business, here’s a great post to read. In the meantime however, let us return to athletes and the business of sports.

sports businessSports in general are something pursued by active people that have a lot of energy and love to put it out there. Unfortunately, not everyone gets drafted into the NBA and not anyone has the knees to be a professional tennis players. That being said, there are many businesses that revolve around sports and would allow those that can’t actually play the game still be part of that universe and also have a job that lets them hang around in it for a living. Here are the top business opportunities that can keep you close to sports.



There are many sports that are very popular around the globe, and those in charge of the superior organizations regarding those sports always need good publicity and advertisement. You’ve surely seen a commercial or two yourself with professional start athletes advertising different products they endorse or that they are endorsed by. Advertisement isn’t only for sports teams and organizations but also for companies that produce sports gear. Companies like Adidas or Nike are always looking for the next great ad campaign that will help them sell unfathomable amounts of snickers.


Video games

Video games have evolved massively over the years and today, video game developers have the ability digitally recreate the faces of anyone in the real world. Many of them put this ability to work towards recreating all players  within a popular sport, within a popular sports game. There are many game series about popular sports like basketball, soccer, football and even tennis and those people get to work every day around those sports.


Sports friendly merchandise

Many companies have a public, close relationship with sports such as the aforementioned sports gear companies or even a company like Gatorade which is deeply involved with sports from the position of a sports energizing drink. If you watch certain televised sports you’ve surely caught a Gatorade logo here and there since they also act as direct sponsors and have partnerships with sports organizations.



Coaching is literally the closest you can get to a field without actually being on it. Coaching is not just for those that can’t be athletes in their own right, but for those that appreciate the tactical elements behind sports and like to treat a sports event like a board of chess. Also, those who have played as professional athletes can continue their career in that sport as coaches which pass on their knowledge to new players.