Color me purple

Stop the Presses column by Chris Graham

I was feeling a little red-state the other day.

How I could tell: I found myself watching NASCAR.

“Come on, Elliot. Don’t let him jostle you like that?” I was screaming at the TV.

For no apparent reason.

And then it hit me.

I’m not a red-state kind of guy.

“I just said the word jostle in reference to a NASCAR race,” I realized.

So then I was feeling blue.

Or so I thought.

“That song … I don’t know. Should they be playing that … ever?”

I was driving down the road, listening to the radio, minding my own business, when …

I’m not sure if I can even describe the lyrics to the song that left me red in the face – literally.

I had my nieces in the car with me, and the singer – or whatever he was – was going on and on about how his girlfriend du jour prefers a certain, er, gymnastic routine, only the routine in question didn’t involve gymnastics.

“Why did you turn the radio off, Uncle Chris?”

“Um … no reason,” I responded, attempting to provide a cover, hoping that they hadn’t heard a word.

Turns out they had – “they play that song on the radio all the time,” I was informed.

Leading me to rant and rave – silently, of course, so as not to be a bad influence on the kids.

So I’m not a blue-state kind of guy, either.

I’d thought that I was.

You know, given that I don’t view myself as a prude when it comes to these kinds of things.

I mean, I watch R-rated movies, listen to CDs that Tipper Gore wouldn’t approve of, that kind of thing.

In a flash, I knew what was going on.

I’m purple.

I’ve got the red – the part that likes NASCAR, that doesn’t like little kids being able to listen to bawdy songs on over-the-air radio, that also complains about “that nefarious MTV.”

But I’ve also got the blue – the part that uses words like nefarious, that watches “Will and Grace” religiously, that has developed an appreciation for musicals later in life.

Personally, I like the idea of being purple more than what the media tries to portray those of us in the middle as being.

I’m only 33 years old, after all – so any talk of having a touch of gray is just not something that I’m going to be willing to embrace anytime soon.


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