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College at 13 tackles early-entry decisions

Great Potential Press announces the release of its newest book, College at 13: Young, Gifted, and Purposeful, written by Razel Solow, Ph.D., and Celeste Rhodes, Ph.D.

This book describes 14 highly gifted young women, now in their 30s, who left home to attend college at age 13 to 16, skipping all or most of high school. The authors describe what these women were like as young college students, the leadership, idealism, and sense of purposefulness they developed, and their lives 10 to 13 years later.

This inspirational book will help educators and parents understand that gifted kids need academic challenge, that there are colleges with specific programs for such students, that it doesn’t harm them to leave home early, and that keeping them interested in learning is vitally important.

The official release date for College at 13 is May 26, 2012, in remembrance of Dr. Rhodes’s death on May 26, 2008. Dr. Rhodes bravely battled cancer over the course of writing College at 13, but passed away before she could see the stories of these incredible young women published.

Parents and educators considering early college admission for their child will benefit from this fascinating look at the world of early college admission as they follow the experiences of fourteen gifted young women who skipped all or most of high school in order to attend college. Through examining the experiences of these women as young college students and looking forward to how those experiences shaped them into the highly successful women they are today, College at 13 demonstrates how early-entry college programs can provide academic challenge and keep gifted youngsters interested in learning, while creating a positive environment for emotional growth.

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