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Cole Morgan shares all about who he is and how he grew such a successful social media following

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Cole Morgan is a young and passionate social media marketer who has garnered over 1.4 million followers across all of his platforms. He wants to be known as someone who gives an insider scoop to new trends in e-commerce, social media marketing, and general expansion on Instagram. His skill set and his determination will prove essential, and it’s clear that we can expect a lot from him.

At the very young age of 20, he’s created an exceedingly successful social media presence which has only been growing. He’s Cincinnati born and bred and hasn’t lived in any other city than the one where he started and continues to grow his career. He listens to Lil Uzi Vert and loves art which is showcased on his accounts. All in all, he’s a young guy with diverse interests and this makes him deeply versatile in what he produces and what his followers like about him.

When did he realize that he wanted to be a social media marketer? 

In the 8th grade, he had already established 40k followers on Instagram. He sold the page to one of his friends and had a eureka moment. He realised he could make a ton of money through social media marketing and has stuck to it ever since. His entrepreneurial spirit has been evident throughout school and he made his own clothing company in freshman year. Here, he learned the value of brand marketing and creating a network that is beneficial to all parties involved who can let their creative juices flow and create content, services, and products that everyone loves.

How did you get so many followers on social media platforms?

Networking is essential. Nothing is as important as finding businesses of a similar size and level of success with whom to collaborate and have a mutually beneficial business relationship. He continues to produce engaging content to followers over more than seven pages (@sluringz, @glizier, @unencore, @sproshed, @colesfeed, @knurl, and @j0ked to name a few). He’s young and likes brands like Vineyard vines, Gymshark, polo, Nike and Calvin Klein which adds to making him accessible and likeable to a whole generation.

Ever upwards: His success so far and how he plans to grow his role in social media marketing. 

More than his followers who have grown to over a million, he has also established his career as a social media marketer. In his first four months of running his page @sluringz, he earned $30,000. He is very well-known, and this online presence means that he dreams of becoming the person who has the insider scoop on new trends in e-commerce, social media marketing, and general growth on Instagram.

He makes money by having brands and other pages desiring to expand their businesses contacting him to do paid promotion. This started when he had about 70,000 followers. As his following grows, so too does his business. He’s recently begun working with some companies doing affiliate marketing.

As Instagram keeps expanding and morphing to better fit consumer needs, so too Cole will continue looking for the newest and most effective ways of advertising and expanding on the platform.

What does he stand for, and what can he use his platform to promote or combat? 

Unfortunately, as for many people, he has been personally touched by addiction and cancer. He recently lost his grandmother to the latter, and this has been a great shock. He had lived with her his whole life and will use his voice to speak out about these two issues until he no longer can.

His advice for others like him:

Don’t compare yourself to others and find yourself wanting. You cannot follow their exact steps, but you can find your own way of doing things and reach the same level of success. Believe in what you do and invest in it. Your confidence will gravitate outwards and inspire the same in others.

Want to learn more about him and what his pages are about? You should visit his Facebook page, or his Instagram. You can also follow any of the handles mentioned above and you’ll get to see more of him.

Story by Virginia Sagal