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CO2 cannabis extracts oil extraction: Facts, myths, and benefits

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Cannabidiol topicals are slowly but surely entering the mainstream market. Consumers are finally being faced with scientific research about how controlled amounts of CBD can actually promote overall well-being.

The same is true with CO2 extracted oil. Let’s head over to what this means for CBD topicals in general, what benefits you can reap from this oil, plus other facts about the process behind this new player in the sphere of CBD products.

CO2 extraction facts and myths

CO2 extraction is the new name in cannabis and cannabidiol products and it is living up to its hype. Naturally, there’s a ton of information about it that is flooding the web and with the help of experts, we have sorted out a few of its prevailing myths from its facts.

1. Similar to butane extraction?

Not at all. CO2 extraction is a completely different method that utilizes completely different devices in the sterilization of the product. In this context, cannabis. In fact, there are some studies which prove that butane extraction leaves traces of foreign matter in hemp oil.

Their key differences also have to do with the kinds of elements each process deals with. Butane is a gaseous hydrocarbon. It is considered a more concentrated solvent. Although its systemic approach is shorter than that of CO2 extraction, it is this very feature that leaves it unable to have full control of the material. Hence, a weaker capacity to purify.

Furthermore, only pharmaceutical grade butane is recommended for extraction. Anything less is a recipe not just for impurities but for toxins as well.

On the other hand, CO2 is among the Earth’s natural gases. Yes, its approach is lengthier and requires more tedious steps, but the outcome is a tuned and refined hemp oil, sans polar compounds like chlorophyll, plant wax, and more.

Why is this important? Said components need to be removed from the product.

Not doing so will leave the product with certain odors and with a rough texture. Variables such as these are what will affect its tint and viscosity, and will make it tough to add fragrances to the oil itself.

2. A costly operation?

There are a few pieces of data online that tell of how cannabis oil extraction via the CO2 technique is an exorbitant expense. After all, it is a scientifically technical course because it deals with natural produce.

In terms of the purchasing expense, the answer is yes. Extractors are innovations, even amidst how cannabidiol products are also virtually new in today’s market. However, this shouldn’t deter you from them. Because their value far outweighs their cost in the long run. Let us follow this statement up with our #3.

In addition to this, you can take your pick among a selection of models that vary with regards to processing load and change over. Factors that are close-to-impossible to track with other types of extraction devices.

3. Automation and capacity

There are still several extraction techniques that are very much traditional. And henceforth, rely on manual power. Or if they are electrical in nature, the technologies which support them are not in keeping with the demand of the times.

A CO2 extractor is among the many tools modern technology has upgraded effectively. We’ve mentioned that the backbone of the extraction is meticulous. On that note, automation will assist in raising productivity. Some even have load capacities that reach 3,000 pounds per cycle!

Beyond this, automation can maintain the accuracy of the mechanism for assurance that products are of the same level of quality, no matter the batch.

4. Non-toxic

Definitely. CO2 extraction of cannabis is extensive, to say the least. But besides the extraction method itself, CO2 is a natural gas which our planet produces. It is naturally non-toxic. Plus its inert property is what allows it to be scentless and colorless.

The FDA (Food and Drug Authority) has categorized it under GRAS Status— Generally Recognized As Safe. This alone should tell nonbelievers that it has undergone comprehensive research to ensure its efficacy and to establish its degree of safety.

Apart from being a natural source, it is naturally sourced. An implication of a less-to-no carbon footprint. “Carbon footprint” talks about greenhouse gas emissions, wherein dangerously high levels of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere as a result of industrial processes.

Clarification is necessary here. CO2 extraction, a.k.a. Carbon dioxide extraction is one of the few practices that are environmentally-friendly. This shouldn’t be confused with fossil fuel burning (since fossil fuel is also a kind of natural gas).

5. Finer product

While in its original state, CO2 passes through a chamber, to be pressurized at a very low temperature (-70 degrees Fahrenheit, on average). It transforms into its liquid state and is pressurized and reheated once more. Now, as a “supercritical fluid”.

This phase is vital because it is what will dissolve raw marijuana’s trichome membranes. These membranes are epidermal coverings that act as shields against solar radiation. In the context of CBD oil extraction, getting rid of them methodically, and without ruining the actual source (hemp) will help preserve marijuana’s components.

The mixing of the supercritical fluid and the raw marijuana will see to it that the latter be filled with active compounds which can maintain and/or reinforce its potency. Thus, the product will be one of finer quality, sterility, texture, and strength and/or efficacy. The same is still typically true of subcritical strategies.

Our conclusion

CO2 extraction ultimately, and, directly and indirectly, leads to business growth. The process is safeguarded from faulty measures, quality is maintained, and the oil product is kept pure and potent.

Accordingly, the oil will be safe for utilization. The risk that an impure product negatively impacting consumers may be lowered, if not completely eradicated. And as a manufacturer/supplier, that’s one thing less for you to worry about.

With all of these tied together, you can be certain of attracting clients, and bringing about customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Here’s to removing the stigma about cannabidiol, through a scientific process of extraction that warrants safety and efficacy for everyone.

Story by Jan Quinn

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