Clearing your Virginia DMV permit test in the first attempt is no big deal

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It is mandatory to hold a driving license when operating vehicles. Every country issues driving licenses to trained drivers to cut down the risk of accidents. Even if you are a professional driver if you don’t hold a license you aren’t legally allowed to drive. In Virginia, teens can apply for their Learner’s License when they turn 15.6 years and driving license when they turn 16 years and 3 months.

Documents required for learner’s permit and driver’s license:

License applicants should meet the state’s minimum requirements.

  • Proof of identification
  • Social Security Number
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Proof of Virginia residency

Applicants have to pass a two-part Virginia Permit test and a road test to secure a driving license. The test consists of multiple-choice questions. The DMV test includes questions on road signs, safe driving practices, traffic laws, and general knowledge.

Preparing for the Virginia DMV test

Study the entire Virginia Driver’s Manual. There are sections that need extra attention. The section 2 of the manual includes road signs. Applicants should pay more attention to this section. Start studying well in advance so that you have ample time to prepare. Take a Virginia DMV permit practice test online to help you familiarize with the portions and gain confidence.

If you are looking for websites that offer practice tests, visit ‘’ and take their free online tests. The website contains a number of tests solely based on the driver’s manual. The questions are available in the same format as the actual exam. Retake tests so that you are more confident.

First-time VA Permit test attendee?

Many first timers are nervous about their upcoming VA permit test. They have a number of questions running in their mind whilst preparing for the test. Their common doubts are:

  • Where can I get hold of a copy of the VA Driver’s Manual? Download it online or get it from your local DMV office.
  • Can I skip any chapter? It is recommended to study the entire manual.
  • How many questions should I answer correctly? 30 out of 35
  • Do many fails during their first attempt? The statistics are unclear. However, if you prepare well, you don’t have to worry.
  • Where should I take the test? At a local VA DMV office

Proceeding with the licensing process

Gather all the necessary documents. If you are under 16, you have to take drivers Ed course which teaches valuable driving skills and make it easier to secure your license. Fill out your DMV application form. They will take a picture of you to be affixed on the license, vision test, and written test. You’ll have to pass your written permit test to secure your permit.

Those under 15.6 years have to hold their permit for at least 9 months before applying for a driver’s license. Others can proceed with the DMV skill test. Your driving skills will be tested during the road test and if you clear both, you’ll be provided license.

Teens can legally drive after they complete the official driving test. Start preparing for both the tests well in advance to ensure you crack it during the first attempt.

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