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Cleaning and sanitation during Covid

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Staying safe requires that cleanliness and sanitation occur on a regular basis. Slowing down the spread of the virus requires that everyone work together and do their part to sanitize both public and private spaces. In this article, we discuss cleaning and sanitation during Covid and the most effective methods to slow the spread of the virus.

Personal hygiene first

Public health officials agree that the most important thing you can do to protect yourself and others is to wear your mask and wash your hands regularly. Using warm water and soap to clean off any contaminants throughout the day is critical to slow the spread. When you don’t have the ability to wash your hands, use hand sanitizer to kill off any contaminants as you go about your day. It’s best to keep a travel-sized bottle with you at all times. You will want to follow the correct protocols for wearing a mask, depending on the type of mask you choose. There is controversy over which masks are the most effective, but from a general standpoint, make sure you replace your disposable masks with new ones intermittently. It would be best if you did not go more than eight hours wearing the same disposable mask. You will also want to replace your cloth masks with new ones periodically, as some research suggests that washing your masks in the washer and dryer can still damage the protective properties that keep you safe.

Use professional cleaners

Professional house cleaners know the most effective ways to clean and sanitize surfaces. If you are ever in doubt of how to go about cleaning to slow the spread, you may consider enlisting the help of a home cleaning person or service to do the work for you. We recommend this cleaning service such as Perfect Polished Maids, they are both affordable and effective in their cleaning methods.

Correct bleach solution

Although hygiene is the number one thing to do to slow the spread, you will need to use the right products and tools when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. For sanitizing bathrooms and tile, be sure that your household bleach is within the percentage of 5% to 9% of sodium hypochlorite. Improper disinfection reduces percentages of this compound, and decreased percentages are commonly noted in specific types of laundry bleach. You will need to ensure that your bleach solution can kill off contaminants effectively, so be sure to stick to bleach that has this sodium hypochlorite percentage range.

The main takeaways

Remember to keep your hands away from your face, wash your hands with hot water and soap, and wear your masks properly. Virus contaminants on surfaces die in a matter of days and even faster in hotter temperatures. While it is essential to clean and sanitize surfaces, you are most at risk of contracting and spreading the virus based on the contaminants that come in contact with your hands and face. If nothing else, take care of your personal hygiene.

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