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Classroom lessons help Artaisha Jenkins launch her business

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Female business owners and entrepreneurs have played a pivotal role in the modern business world. We see a grandeur of female-led businesses making an impact on their communities and society across the globe. Dr. Artaisha Jenkins, founder of Federal Staffing Solutions Inc. has given hope and opportunity to thousands of doubtful job seekers, connecting them with employers in various industries in the U.S.

Artaisha, the young and enthusiastic businesswoman has shown that any hardship or challenge you may face will sooner or later become a thing of the past. Having dealt with discrimination, injustice, being a teenage parent and a divorced single mother, she has managed to climb the corporate ladder, while maintaining a firm and stable personal family life. We sat down with Artaisha, listening to her story, asking how she used lessons from the classroom to help her launch her own company.

From teenage parent to a business owner, tell us more about your journey to success?

“The road to success hasn’t been easy, but somehow I have managed to make it work in every possible way. With a GED and being a teenage parent, many have doubted me, even going as far as to discourage my often ‘larger than life’ ideas. Ignoring negative stereotypes has shown me what I can do, building a life for my family, and starting a business that has a positive impact on my community and society has solidified my success and disproved the naysayers.”

“I obtained my Ph.D. from Hampton University, taught Entrepreneurship courses at the collegiate level, and earned a Credential of Readiness from Harvard Business School. The knowledge I’ve gained from my studies has infused my drive and passion to nurture Federal Staffing Solutions Inc. and build it into something that will leave a legacy.”

Tell us more about how Federal Staffing Solutions Inc. started?

“I realized early in my life that I enjoyed helping others, giving back to my community and uplifting society through community service in my adolescence. Federal Staffing Solutions started in 2016, and since then I have assisted thousands of job seekers to find the perfect employment opportunity. The company has helped open the doors to many candidates, giving them access to employment opportunities on a national level. We often support government initiatives, but we aren’t only limited to it, as we can help small businesses and big businesses in a variety of sectors across the nation.”

What are some of the classroom lessons that have helped you start your own company?

“It is utterly amazing what a humble heart and an affirmative mindset can do for you. When starting a business, look at the industry you will be conducting business in, ask questions like ‘Who is my competition?’, ‘What are they lacking and how can I do it better?’ Knowing what the trends are within your industry and learning your customers will help you better understand how to form and establish your business.”

“Always maintain an open mind to new ideas and criticism, negative and positive, as many will probably doubt you. There are endless stories of pitfalls which can lead to discouragement but grand stories of success which can lead to inspiration. The business world is all about networking, so ensure you build a list of contacts who you can call or ask for advice or mentorship when needed.”

What is a business lesson you wish you knew earlier on in your career?

“Planning for the future is one of the most important things to do, not only in life but in business. Many business owners and entrepreneurs will share the dreaded journey of drafting a business plan that can help them shape their business or obtain financing, but this is as important as landing that very first customer. Planning is important, regardless of how much time or effort it may consume.”

What would be your business advice for female entrepreneurs and business owners?

“Break down the barriers of gender and societal stereotypes with your actions. The world of business is a tough playing field, even more so for minority groups, but leading by example and showing your competitors your strength while holding a humble heart can help you overcome any challenge you may face. Remember that resilience is imperative!”

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Story by Virginia Sagal

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