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Clair Myers: Six years and counting of Radio Hour

I am amazed that the Radio Hour just passed it sixth anniversary. The first performance was on the Third Friday of October in 2006. That must be some sort of record. The idea was born out of my desire to recreate the variety shows that I remember listen to when I was a kid.

I always thought had I been born a couple of decades earlier I could have had a career as a radio actor. The River City Radio Hour gave me a chance to live out that fantasy as an announcer and as an actor in the monthly radio play.  It is my monthly high.

Speaking of radio plays, the current drama, A Love Diary, is the work of Bob Crawford, who went to Leland T. Powers School in Boston. Powers was what they called a platform performer who went on to found his own school of elocution. It evolved into a school for radio and television before it closed.  One of the courses Bob took was a course in the playwriting for radio.  You can hear that he learned his lessons in the characters, plot, and sound effects of his plays.

The lead character in the current drama is Angel Love, “A young woman with a smile full of heart, and a voice that matches her name.”  Our Angel is Chrystal McKee.  When you hear her, you will know that she is perfect for the role.

Clair Myers is the executive director of the Wayne Theatre Alliance. More online at

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