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Clair Myers: Hear them roar!

I guess we could call November the Radio Hour’s month of the woman.  Chrystal McKee  brings Angel Love to life in the third chapter of A. Love Diary along with Boomie Pedersen.  And both are joined by Marsha Howard.  And headlining the musical talent is Lorie Strother.  What a list of female talent!

When my friend Bob Crawford and I decided to try a radio soap opera instead of a mystery, we were worried we could not find the right actress to play the wide-eyed innocent who leave rural Virginia in the 60s to find stardom in the big city.  Lucky for us Chrystal turned up and she was a natural.  She captures the naivety of Angel Love and projects the character’s unusual talent as a singer.  Also in the serial is Boomie Pedersen.  Boomie is an ideal actor for a radio drama.  She is able to turn from a savvy waitress to a confused New Yorker within a line of dialogue.  She plays Angel’s protective friend and guide and other odd-ball characters Bob includes in the script.

I first met Marsha Howard when I was as one of her poll workers.  She would go from precinct to precinct, checking that protocol was being observed and relieving the boredom of non-presidential elections by telling a few jokes.  I recruited her to be the Radio Hour’s comedienne in October 2006..  She is now a Radio Hour fixture.

Lorie Strother also has a history with the Radio Hour.  When the Cultural Commission started third Friday performances, she was one of the hosts.  When we went to the radio format she became one of the talents.  Along with her accompanist, Dr. Stephen Levine, she has appeared on a number of  Radio Hours to the delight of our audience.  Not long ago, Lorie was selected for one of Virginia Humanities Foundation Folklife grants.  She is paired with master Blues singer Adegbalola, a member of Saffire—the Uppity Blues Woman.    My hope is that we can get the two of them for a concert at WTA’s Gateway.

Well, those are the women who will make the River City Radio special this month.  Come see them in action.

Clair Myers is the executive director of the Wayne Theatre Alliance.

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