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Cladding care and maintenance: How to clean vinyl siding

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To maintain the neat and visually appealing appearance of vinyl siding, you do not have to make a significant effort, purchase special equipment or materials, just a vinyl siding cleaner, soft bristle brush, or a soft cloth will be enough to deal with staining, fungus, rot. It all depends on the degree of dirt and the general condition of your cladding. The first tip would be to analyze and inspect your house facade. If you find that the panels are exposed to mold, the color of the facade has faded, and unnecessary moisture gets through the cracks, destroying the internal wall and affecting the comfort of being inside, then it is time to invest in a new home renovations project.

How to clean vinyl siding, preventing any damages

If, however, you have just recently updated your exterior or want to get all the advantages of new siding, then discovering how to clean vinyl siding properly is a top priority for you. Without a competent approach, you are risking to decrease the curb appeal of your property. The first thing to remember is that vinyl siding cannot be washed with a too strong jet of water. Water can be trapped under siding, thereby provoking the development of mildew and algae.

A water jet may not be enough to get rid of spots and impurities, no matter if it is a vertical siding or horizontal since both options are prone to staining in case you’ve missed a timely care procedure. Then use a soft cloth or brush. Avoid tools that can damage and scratch the surface. Also, never apply chlorine bleach. Purchase special products that do not contain abrasive particles, or prepare a solution yourself (70% water, 30% white vinegar or apply household cleaners or laundry detergents, mixing them with water in the proper concentration).

Using a pressure washer or a garden hose, remember that the water jet should be directed from top to bottom, regardless of whether the panels are mounted vertically or horizontally, so that all dirt flows down without leaving marks. Important advice from experts is to choose gloomy, not sunny weather since siding, although impervious to UV rays, can still provoke a slight fading of the material while the water dries out under the sun impact. With proper care, you will increase the lifespan of your siding, and you will also be able to preserve its beauty for many years.

Benefits you obtain investing in vinyl siding

An ability to last. Most of the leading manufacturers guarantee customers up to 50 years of smooth operation. Vinyl can withstand moisture, therefore it does not corrode, as in cases with aluminum siding. With proper care, it does not peel off, fade, or deform. Siding is also resistant to temperature extremes, but at low temperatures, the material becomes too fragile, which makes it vulnerable to mechanical damage.

Diversity of designs. An array of available colors and textures provides an opportunity to create a unique facade design.

Simplified and quick installation. Works on installation do not require special equipment or additional surface preparation.

Energy-efficiency. Remodeling your façade, you can drastically boost energy-efficient, so your energy bills will go down.

The pros of vinyl siding are an impressive mixture of proven reliability and financial benefits.