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City receives grant to upgrade bike patrols

The City of Waynesboro will receive over $10,000 in federal grant funds to help upgrade its 10-member bicycle patrol team.

The patrol team’s current bicycles are approximately 16 years old and showing extreme wear. Currently, the police department has three operational bicycles for 10 team members. Funding received will allow for the purchase of four new bicycles significantly enhancing the impact and effectiveness of bike patrols.

Bicycle patrol duties include:

Response to calls for service

Narcotics enforcement

Traffic enforcement

Undercover surveillance

Community policing

Details for special community events

Bicycle patrols are an important component in law enforcement efforts in targeted neighborhoods. Bicycle patrols provide greater visibility in areas that are more difficult to patrol by motor vehicles, including public housing, park areas, apartment complexes and retail centers. In these areas, officers on bicycles have greater ease of mobility than officers in motor vehicles and can make more face-to-face contacts with residents. These two factors result in more cost-effective enforcement than motor vehicles and improved community and public relations.

The Waynesboro Police Department in collaboration with the Central Shenandoah Valley Office on Youth has applied for a Justice Assistance Grant through the U.S. Department of Justice. Funds will be used to purchase four new police bicycles and help fund a prevention assistant at the Office on Youth. Funds are expected to be received by September.

A formal grant proposal must be submitted to receive the funds. These grant proposals are available for public review and comment through August 26th. Copies are available from the City Manager’s Office in the Waynesboro Yancey City Building, Waynesboro Public Library, Waynesboro Police Department and the Central Shenandoah Valley Office on Youth. They may also be viewed online from the City of Waynesboro website:

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