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City of Harrisonburg names Angela Clem new director of human resources

Angela Clem
Angela Clem. Photo courtesy City of Harrisonburg.

Angela Clem, who currently serves as the town manager in Woodstock, will join the Harrisonburg Executive Leadership Team starting March 1.

With her wealth of experience leading Woodstock’s human resources efforts for a number of years, and her passion for working collaboratively with multiple partners to achieve organizational goals, Harrisonburg City Manager Eric D. Campbell is eager to welcome Clem to City Hall.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to add a dedicated community servant and leader to our team,” Campbell said. “Angela has proven herself through the direction and drive she has brought to our neighbors in Woodstock, and I am certain that dedication to local government and management will be to the benefit of every City of Harrisonburg employee and our residents.”

Clem’s experience in leadership and human resources roles were instrumental in her selection as the director of a department that serves more than 800 city employees. Her work has involved Clem finding solutions related to total compensation, personnel policies and procedures, risk management, employee wellness, appraisals and training, and in the development of programs to attract and retain highly skilled individuals in order to meet the goals and objectives of residents and elected officials.

Clem will step in right away to a role that is vital in supporting a diverse staff of professionals striving to provide essential services to a growing city. It’s a challenge she is eager to face in a community she has long respected.

“I have long admired the progressive nature of the City of Harrisonburg and its professional leadership team,” Clem said. “Harrisonburg has consistently been a community that I have utilized as a benchmark and have evaluated their public spaces, policies and procedures, and practices with admiration. I feel that Mr. Campbell has created an environment of strategic decision-making, problem solving, and continuous improvement which creates a key role for HR.”

“The city has leaders and team members who are experienced, well-educated, and in my estimation, approachable,” Clem said. “I am looking forward to joining a Human Resources Department that already has a wealth of knowledge and am looking forward to learning from them.”

Growing up in Shenandoah County, and working in Woodstock for the past 15 years, Clem is no stranger to The Friendly City. Harrisonburg’s growth over the years, and its dedication to education, sustainability, and quality of life improvements, were all key reasons for her eagerness to join the community. And though she will miss her team in Woodstock, and all they have accomplished there, she’s excited for the opportunity to contribute to the future of Harrisonburg.

“I am looking forward to a new challenge in my career and I am excited to serve the Harrisonburg community as a member of the City Manager’s Executive Leadership Team,” Clem said. “There are some ambitious and exciting goals set out for the Human Resources Department and the city, and I look forward to understanding, learning, and then moving forward to meet those goals.”

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