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Cisco training for CCNP credentials: Is it worth your time and money?

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As an international tech leader, Cisco always strives for excellence and integrity. And these are well-manifested in their products, services, and learning platforms. As the industry navigates towards software-based technologies, it’s no surprise for Cisco to modify its credential program too. Certification-wise, this drastic change is actually a relevant move to IT the industry as a whole. Many people rely on Cisco’s training and badge curriculum, hence the need for more updated and practical offerings.

Keeping Up with the Present-Day CCNP Track

February 24, 2020, signals the start of a new era in the Cisco training and accreditation. Before, the level was a collection of specialized certifications, including Routing & Switching, Wireless, Cloud, among other things. Furthermore, a prerequisite of your CCNP credential was the CCNA. For instance, if you wanted to pursue the CCNP R&S, then it was a must to have the valid CCNA R&S badge. In the new program, these features are modified and some are completely phased out. So, let’s have a look at what they are.

  • Replacement of the old CCNA specializations

The first major change is the deletion of the above-mentioned specialized certifications and the incorporation of the five CCNP technology credentials which are the CCNP Enterprise, CCNP Security, CCNP Data Center, CCNP Collaboration, and CCNP Service Provider. Also, part of the new CCNP badge curriculum is the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional. For those who have the valid CCNP R&S, CCNP Wireless, CCDP and the like, these are already integrated into the new CCNP Enterprise certification.

  • Elimination of prerequisites

Another adjustment made is the removal of the prerequisites, which gives you the go signal to jump to your CCNP path as long as you have the right amount of knowledge and work experience. Though there are no longer formal requirements, it’s still highly recommended to work your way up if you want a more relevant skill set. To give you an idea, CCIE applicants are often equipped with at least three to five years of background in their choice of technology.

  • Integration of core and concentration exams

Lastly, regardless of the CCNP path you want to follow, you will have to complete two certification exams, one core test, and one concentration assessment. Additionally, the completion of the CCNP core exam gives you the opportunity to go after some CCIE lab tests. And because of these detailed changes, it’s relatively convenient to plan your journey and track your progress.

Impact of Completing the Official CCNP Training Program

Cisco understands the need for continuous growth. So now, it’s time to have a detailed elaboration of the official training courses provided for each CCNP track. Right after, we will assess if these are worthy investments to your career and professional development.

  • Each exam has its own training

Whatever CCNP path you pick, there’s a corresponding training course for each accreditation, which includes both core and concentration tests. This cuts down the time and effort in choosing the right materials to guide your certification path. And of course, training with Cisco is an instrumental tool for your success.

  • The courses comprehensively cover all the relevant assessment topics

All training materials provided by Cisco come with a course outline, along with a complete discussion of the exam areas. Because of this, it will be much easier for you to understand and master the key test topics. Depending on the course, you will have access to online materials, self-study resources, and the like. Also, the training helps you assess your skills via hands-on lab set-up.

  • The training course duration varies on your preferred training delivery

You are given three options for the course, which include physical and virtual-led training as well as e-learning. The course duration depends on the certification assessment and setup you choose. It could be full training in a classroom or a mixture of classroom sessions with self-study materials and hands-on lab practice.

  • There are a lot of physical and virtual classroom offerings

Another impressive feature of these training courses is the abundance of options to choose from. You can filter the offerings through the given languages, schedule, time zone, and course providers. Because of this, you can avail of the course that fits your preferences.

  • The courses are decently priced

You won’t regret enrolling in one of the training sessions because these are not too expensive. And with the amount of knowledge you’ll earn and skills you’ll develop, these courses are definitely worth your money.

  • All the training courses are approved by Cisco

To top it all, these materials are recommended by the certification provider itself. As a result, you will acquire more pertinent information related to your exam. You might even gain extra insights and valuable tips straight from a CCNA Exams ! So, if you take advantage of these courses, you are technically doing yourself a favor!

So, Are Cisco CCNP Training Courses Worth It?

Absolutely yes! All the things you learn from these materials prepare you not just for your assessments but also for the real world. However, the world beyond the testing centers is much more competitive. Therefore, you have to be ready, and completing the official training courses is an excellent way to stay current and in-demand to your career.


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