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Chris Graham: Three-point-five million reasons to vote da bums out

Frank Lucente will tell you ’til he’s blue in the face that he’s for the little guy. And then there’s the truth.

The little guy doesn’t have thousands to give to his re-election campaign, and that’s what Lucente and his cronies on City Council have their focus on, getting re-elected. And why not – because when you hold the power of the people’s pursestrings, you can do a lot to say thanks to the people who put you there.

There are three-point-five million reasons to back Frank Lucente if you have the means to get his attention with a campaign contribution. That’s how much money Lucente’s City Council approved for scrub brush over at the foot of the mountain owned by two of his golfing buddies.

Three-point-five million dollars for land that had been on the market for more than a decade and had not fetched anything close to that in terms of a legitimate offer on the open market.

Three-point-five million dollars when we somehow still haven’t found a way to build the West End fire station that the voters approved in a 2007 referendum.

Three-point-five million dollars when we still can’t figure out how to give raises to our police and firefighters.

Three-point-five million dollars when we’re cutting ever more teachers from the payroll and asking those lucky enough to still have jobs to make do with what they have while the demands on their day increase as class sizes swell.

Three-point-five million dollars for land that this City Council has no plans to use. The Lucente City Council actually spent our money with the idea in mind that they’d let it sit there safely off the tax rolls and maybe it would appreciate in value and in 20 years have a decent resale value.

Three-point-five million dollars to roll the dice with your money on a land deal benefitting their golfing buddies.

That equates to about three-point-five million reasons to vote da bums out on May 1.

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