Chris Graham: The most important page on the Internet

marketingIt’s not Facebook. It’s not even the front page of your website. The most important page on the Internet for small-business owners is what we call The Money Page.

If you’re in retail, and you sell items online, then it’s your e-commerce page. If you’re in the event business, it’s your tickets page. If you’re a service business, it’s the page where people can either fill out a contact form to solicit an estimate or set up an appointment or more basically to get your phone number or email address to contact you that way.

The Money Page: where the rubber hits the road, as you sometimes hear people say.

When you begin to see things that way, you quickly come to the realization that everything you do with your Internet marketing needs to be oriented toward getting people to either spend money with you online or at the worst call or stop by your physical location as a direct result of their virtual interaction with you.

The rest – a pretty homepage, your Facebook cover photo, a snazzy email newsletter design – is so much fluff.

Don’t let the creative people convince you otherwise. (And this is coming from a creative person.)

The bottom line: What you do online needs to be about the bottom line.

Chris Graham is the president and CEO of Augusta Free Press LLC, a full-service marketing, web- and graphic-design and video-production firm based in Waynesboro, Va. More on what AFP can do for your business is online at

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