Chris Graham: Restaurants charge wait staff for dine-and-dash? Really?

I was reading on Gawker this evening about a waitress in Manhattan who quit her job after being told by the manager that she’d have to pick up the tab for three diners who ran up a $96 tab and then left the restaurant without paying.

312_stopthepressesI’m thinking, like I hope a lot of you are, Wow, what a dickhead that manager is. That has to be against the law (charging the waitress, not being a dickhead, necessarily).

And then I get to the comments section. Apparently, at least to the preponderance of readers on Gawker, this is industry standard.

To make an employee pay for something that a customer stole from the business.

It almost makes sense, when you think about it. Actually, no, it makes absolutely no sense, not in any way, shape, form, whatever.

It’s enough to make one not want to eat out anymore in silent protest.

(That, and me eating out less means I might actually start losing that extra 20 pounds I’ve been carrying around for the past few years.)


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