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Chris Graham: Mean people suck, and don’t shoot the messenger

stopthepresses-newThis isn’t an original thought, but yeah, mean people suck, they sure do.

Somebody called my wife and cussed her out this week because … we’re still figuring that one out.

They were having a bad day? Probably.

They’d missed their afternoon Snickers? Maybe.

Too much of the happy juice after work? Almost certainly.

The caller was upset because he’d not gotten public credit for a large donation to a community effort.

O … K …

We weren’t in charge of the particular community effort.

Yeah, that’s the issue.

Well, and then there’s the, Why did you write the nice check? For a pat on the back? Then maybe you need to ask the person you wrote the check to for the pat on the back.

I get it. I’m in marketing. I always tell clients, Even if you write a nice check for a good cause for the purest of purposes, let me brag about it for you. That’s just called more bang for your bucks.

I’d never considered advising clients not to call somebody not at all associated with a particular fundraising effort to cuss them out for not giving you the credit you feel you deserve.

Makes no sense, that latter course of action, so I just assumed it was something better left unsaid.

Apparently, common sense is in shorter order than I’d presumed.

I’m not advising folks here to not write nice checks for community goodwill efforts. Please do so as pften as your financial situation allows.

Just don’t call up the person who you happened to hear about it from and bless them out if they don’t see to it that the community puts up a statue in your honor as thanks.

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