Chris Graham: Eat fresh? Hardly

I kept giving Subway chances because, well, you know, I want to eat fresh.

(OK, their commercials annoy me. I’m just glad Febru-any-any is only 28 days.)

It’s not the commercials that have kept me away for months. It’s the way the submakers use whatever dirty knife is laying around to cut my sub into two before wrapping it up.

I don’t like mayo, don’t like vinegar, don’t like anything on my subs except lettuce and tomato, salt and pepper.

So when I order my sub – turkey, ham, sometimes chicken – with lettuce and tomato, salt and pepper, what makes it seem logical to anybody that I’d want the knife that just cut up the sub in front of me that had everything in the store in terms of add-ons to touch my sub?

And yet … without fail, the last several times I’ve gone to Subway that’s exactly what’s happened.

And yes, i can easily just request, Hey, you know, could you please use a clean knife?

A couple of the times that I’ve done that my request has been met with sneers and then a blank stare – as if I’m being a difficult customer or something.

And maybe I am. Maybe it’s par for the course these days that you shouldn’t expect to get it your way, especially if “your way” means “clean and sanitary.”

Either way, I gave up a few months ago.

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