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Chris Graham: Dumb government

How’s this for dumb government – the City of Staunton, though there have been no complaints on the matter, is asking the Staunton Braves to stop posting signs along city streets announcing home baseball games.

Talk about a solution looking for a problem …

According to a news brief in the News Leader, City Manager Steve Owen wants residents to be sure that it isn’t selectively enforcing the city sign ordinance.

Turns out that the signs announcing home games are in violation of said sign ordinance.

The Braves have only been putting the signs out around town announcing games, like, forever.

Next up in Staunton: no more yard-sale signs on telephone poles! Put your address on the sign at your own risk, folks. That’s telltale – they gotcha at hello, basically.

We could do without the ubiquitous signs advertising quick cash and work-at-home opportunities. My guess is, though, that we’ll still see those.

But signs announcing Braves games will be no more. According to the report in the Leader, the city is adding a line to the Braves’ lease for John Moxie Stadium in which the team will agree to abide by the city sign ordinance.

Dumb government, indeed.

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