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Chris Graham: The death penalty?

That’s the question being bandied about on the radio airwaves and online. Should Penn State football get the death penalty?

I can’t imagine that we’ll see that happen, and here’s why. Major violations, in the NCAA’s eyes, have had to do with rulebreaking activities by college coaches, administrators, boosters or a combination of the three that have led to a competitive advantage for a particular team.

As egregious as the goings-on at Penn State were, the activities perpetrated by former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky had nothing to do with anything that happened on the playing field.

There was no question a serious lack of institutional control on the part of Penn State athletics to allow the unconscionable abuses committed by Sandusky on his young victims to take place. The sanction for those activities will come most hurtfully to Penn State and its football program in civil court, where the individuals and institutions involved will likely cough up hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars before all is said and done.

And perhaps in the end that will effectively deliver the death penalty that many seem to want relative to Penn State football. Bleeding the program dry will do the trick much more effectively than the NCAA can.

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