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Chris Graham: Bipolarity

It must really suck to be Dick Morris right now. Last week, it was a Mitt Romney landslide. Now in addition to the egg on the Fox News contributor’s face in the event of what was in effect a Barack Obama landslide, we’ve got Morris questioning everything he knows about America.

“What this is saying is, This is the new America. This isn’t your father’s America,” Morris said on Fox News post-election.

Honesty – that’s all a lot of us really want out of the conservative media. For weeks, it was breathless hype about “Ro-mentum” and skewed polls and the Republican landslide that never materialized.

The vast majority of the right commentariat has responded as expected – blasting voters for their choice, wishing out loud, as they have for four years, for some calamity to befall America as punishment for our electoral sins, some even calling for Obama’s impeachment for various and sundry alleged misdeeds.

To the credit of Morris, usually among the most caustic of the commentariat, he’s trying to make sense of what happened as a first step in coming up with a plan for how Republicans can make themselves competitive in presidential elections in 2016 and beyond.

A voter model created by the Obama team in 2008 that expanded the electorate to include increased African-American and Latino participation and expanded the Democratic base with reach-outs to voters under the age of 30 “is so large at this point that unless the Republican Party fundamentally changes its appeal to those voters, it can never win an election,” Morris said.

And then Morris got blunt.

“If this candidate in this economy against this opponent can’t win an election with this electorate – nobody ever can. And what the Republican Party needs to do is to stop running in the face of those demographics, and start appealing to them and start revising some of its priorities and its positions in order to reach that vote because that vote is here to stay,” Morris said.

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