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Chris Graham: A third term?

Granted, it’s Neal Boortz, and a discredited self-styled financial guru. Oh, and Rush Limbaugh. All are musing aloud on the possibility – in their minds, certainty – that Barack Obama will figure out a way around the Constitution to seek a third term in the White House in 2016.

Either it’s an executive order (superseding the Constitution … unlikely), a constitutional amendment (passing Congress and two-thirds of the states … impossible) or simply by having Michelle Obama run with the intent of letting Barry Hussein serve as puppetmaster (a good movie premise is in there somewhere, but … reality, anyone?).

Let’s call this what it is … yet another effort of certain Republican partisans to delegitimize a Democratic president. Remember the tens of millions of dollars of our taxpayer dollars that these partisans spent trying to discredit and eventually impeach Bill Clinton back in the 1990s? At least this time around they haven’t wasted our money, just their own, in their efforts to bring down Obama, either by suggesting that he wasn’t born in the U.S. or now claiming that he’s planning some sort of coup d’etat.

The Republican Party needs to decide if this is how it wants to continue to represent itself. Two times in a row, now, the voters have spoken as to the nonsense perpetrated by the right wing of the GOP. I think it’s at least debatable that Obama because a majority of voters wanted to see another four years like the first four. It seems just as likely that the vote was as much a repudiation of the birthers and Trumpskyites and do-nuthins that make up the leadership of today’s Republican Party as it was pro-Obama.

So here we go. Headlines from the far right about Obama plotting a coup. Keep this up, and you’re electing and re-electing Hillary Clinton.

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