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Chris Dewald: The Oil Lamp

chris-dewald2We all do tender a lamp sometimes of brass filled with oil

In years gone past the whale of the sea were made to boil

Ahoy yee Matey with a thar she blows from a Whaler she sounds

Whales to be flensed and light the try-pots and make the rounds


Those were sailors, Aye this is  true

But God’s love sparks something anew

We each are our own separate lamps

One’s we display from our kinfolk like gramps


A lamp brings forth light when it is newly displayed

Filled with oil to the brim with a wick always frayed

We are brought into this world that cuts through the dark

It can be dim or bright as we make our own marks


Some lamps are destined with warnings to ships at night

Colors of Green and Red to warn them of rocks in sight

So some of us are on earth to provide comfort from fear

Savings lives to all that are dear


Lives can be of spiritual realms after we die

Depends on the light we give while we are alive

Don’t care for your lamp and it will gather the soot and block out the light

Your soul like the lamp will tarnish and your light lost its fight

The light is still there, but hidden under the darken blaze

Your light then means nothing are you not amazed


As in life, we have so much oil to set out our sails

The wick can feed as much to we are too frail

With God’s love we tender our glow

Some get lost and the soot does so grow


Never give up in his love he sends in all the taught sails

He is the lighthouse keeper and his light never fails

He shall not less us flounder in seas of great height

He shall bless us and hold us in Heaven so tight


So my friends it is to you to keep your lamp shine

It ages with blemish and it runs out ‘till blind

Our part on Earth is just a flicker of the flame

Don’t allow your lamp to be maimed