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Chris DeWald | Computer brain games

We are often faced with “you have reached your insurance limit” or “we believe you have reached your possible learning rehabilitation.” When faced with this, you just want to give up and vegetate. Any brain injury denial can take a perilous turn in our lives especially if it is garnished by people that surround us with a negative attitude.

Don’t let them take your resolve away. I did not believe that I was somehow “changed” or “different” and that indeed was a denial. Now whether you are in denial or not, I am here to show you some ways to assist in getting that brain motivated. Gee, if you have fun along the way, more power to you.

First, many of you are faced with monetary restrictions. In other words “No Cash”….. You found yourselves here so that is a great start. For me, I found myself with that 6 month waiting period for Social Security Disability. No cash flow. However, I found I had skills left to perform research on the computer. I searched the internet for places that were “free” without any downloading or advertising. I found such a place. Just go there and “have fun” and also retrain that brain.

This is the website:

Dragger | Counterfeit | Guess the Colors | Rotate | Rotate2 | Chinese Checkers | Colored Lines |

Masterpieces | Mastercards | Sudoku | Reversi | Mastermind | TwinCol | NumberHunt | MineHunter

Crime Scene | Mahjongg Solitaire | What Was There? | The Image Quiz | TriviaNut | Guess the Flag

Marsmoney | Memocoly | Checkers | Chess

Lettermaze | Anagramania | Guess the Place! | Letterama | SquareWords | What Word? | Spellice


What Did I Search For? | The WordHunt Game | SpeedType | SpeedRead

This site has the ability to select your preferred language. There is no sound and that is great for people with brain injuries. Mastercards is similar to an old favorite TV show called “Concentration.” Dragger has you put pieces together to form a picture. Masterpieces will remind you of therapy and memory. Mastermind is an advance therapy version of masterpiece. Number hunt brings out your math abilities and eye coordination… Hey Gang, Have mouse will travel. Many of these versions I used while at therapy in Augusta Medical and Woodrow Wilson. Did I say “Free” with no downloads?

Now we move on to “Need Cash” Departments. I have taken the Nintendo DS for a test drive. The unit costs $129(US) and the games can cost anywhere between $19-$23(US). I call this the cheap therapist. It is a portable game no larger that an eyeglass case and can be easily held in your hands. The games are based on the teachings of Japanese neuroscientist Dr. Ryuta Kawashima. I test drove Brain Age, Brain Age 2 and Brain Assist.

The brain assist stimulates your eye focus and the other games assist the strengthening of different areas of the brain. It even has a speech aid where you speak to the Nintendo DS when it shows a word. What an amazing device.

But every good thing has a warning, and we should be aware that the DS warns that some people may have seizures triggered by light flashes or patterns in video games. I am one of those people who can not watch Guitar Hero or even the ticker tape at the bottom of news shows.

In this series we also have the Nintendo Wii. Many with brain injuries ask about this. Well, I test drove that also. I find it is fun and does help me with my coordination. Keeping the wand to allow movement for items on the screen gets frustrating if you use it in your affected hand. This item runs about $249(US) and then come the games that can go from $29-$49(US).

My recommendation to all of you is to try out the free website. Then don’t spend money right off on any game system. Game outlet centers and large department stores have demonstration models… Use them before you find out if you can’t use them or you don’t like them.

Free is a great word in a world full of monetary hardships. All the local stores in the Augusta County wide area have great staff that can assist you. They offered this writer great help when asked. I went to them as the unknown customer seeking advice. I had fun doing this and I knew what would work for me.

Use your money wisely. Each of us has individual areas of concern when doing any rehabilitative courses. What one would I choose? I still go to the free site I recommend in this article. There are more games out there that can induce a progressive move to keep your mind fresh and active.

Have fun and retrain that brain!!!


– Column by Chris DeWald

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