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Choosing the right toll free number provider for your business

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If you’ve ever heard of a toll free number, you may be wondering if they’re the right choice for your business. While there are many reasons to consider these types of numbers for all types of business, there are many providers out there. So, it’s important for each business who uses these phone numbers to choose the best company for their needs. In this article, we determine which types of businesses should consider a toll free phone number. And, how to go about choosing the provider that best suits your business needs.

What is a Toll Free Number? 

Before choosing a toll free number provider, you’ll need to understand what they are. Even if you don’t know what a toll number is, you’ve probably dialed one at one point. Basically, toll numbers are the typical 1-800 numbers you call to reach specific business departments. All toll numbers have the 8XX format. So, business owners can choose from a number of options including 800, 888, 877, 855, 844, and 833. Essentially, the benefit of providing toll numbers to customers is to provide a free way for them to call your business. So, if you want to increase incoming business phone calls or just give a free way for consumers to call your business, toll numbers may be a good option to consider.

Who Should Consider a Toll Free Number for Business?

There are many different types of businesses which may benefit from offering a toll free number for customers. Some of these types of businesses include:

  • Small Businesses: If you’re looking for a way to make your small or new business seem credible, a 1-800 number is a great idea. These numbers make businesses seem more reputable. So, people may be more willing to call these numbers than a traditional number.
  • Online Businesses: If you sell your products from an eCommerce website, an 800 number extends your customer reach. Toll numbers are free to call nationwide. So, whether your online customers are local or not, all of them have a free way to reach you.
  • Service-Based Local Businesses: Do you have a small, local-based service business? If so, a toll free number for business can help you become more recognizable. Toll numbers can be customized so the digits correlate to letters to spell out words. For example, if you have an air conditioning business, you can make your toll number 1-800-247-3838. This translates to 1-800-AIR-DUCT. And, it gives your customers a memorable phone number to call in case something happens to their air conditioning.

Types of 1-800 Number Providers

Now that you’re aware of the ways that toll-free numbers can benefit different types of business, you’ll need to find the provider that best suits you. But, before doing so, you need to understand the different types of providers out there. This way, you can better determine the pros and cons of each. And, choose the type that’s best for you, your business, and your budget. Some of the types of 1-800 number providers out there include:

  • Traditional Phone Companies: If you already have a traditional business phone line system set up, this provider would be included in this category. Since you may already have your business phone line set up from this type of company, getting a toll free number may be a breeze. However, these companies usually charge an arm and a leg for 1-800 numbers. So, they’re not the best choice for every business.
  • Vanity Number Brokers: These types of companies allow you to purchase the 800 number of your choosing. But, they don’t provide the telephone service. So, once you purchase the number you want, you have to transfer the service. You can choose either your traditional phone company or a separate vanity phone service provider. These numbers are often more expensive than if you were to just choose vanity and toll free providers. And, it can take a while to have the service transferred. So, you won’t be using your new toll free numbers right away.
  • Vanity and Toll Free Providers: Vanity and toll free number providers like Global Call Forwarding allow for the setting up of toll free numbers on any of your business phone lines. This includes multi-line systems, VoIP systems, and even business cell phone lines. Furthermore, these types of providers offer a number of toll number features like call forwarding, personalized greetings, and call recording. Finally, these types of providers are usually the most affordable, making having a toll free number a solid solution for any budget.

Choosing the Company That Best Suits Your Business Needs

Certainly, when it comes to choosing the provider of your toll free numbers for business, you need to choose the one that best suits your needs. So, before making the decision, determine which aspects are most important to you. Is it ease of adapting these numbers? Or, is it the affordability of adding these numbers for your customers? Whatever the case, make sure you understand the most important aspects of the service according to your business needs. When you consider your business needs first, you’re best able to make the right decision for your toll free number provider.

Article by Thierry Genoyer, an expert on virtual phone systems and telecommunications with over 30 years of hands on experience in the business.

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