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Choosing the right headstone for your loved one

Every person will lose someone that they love during their lifetime. It is inevitable that this will happen as it is a part of the life cycle. When death occurs as a result of a chronic illness, families have time to plan everything from funeral arrangements to the type of burial and headstone. Many people are not comfortable doing these things ahead of time, so they wait. For those who lose a loved one suddenly, it is stressful trying to do all that needs to be done including choosing the right headstone.

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The design and erecting of a headstone is a very important part of the honor that is given to a deceased loved one. Before purchasing headstones in Cincinnati, it is vital to understand the cemetery requirements and regulations. Money is always an issue when it comes to final expenses, but you must set a budget for the headstone, then find a reputable craftsman to make the headstone using quality materials. Surviving family members want to get the most fashionable headstone available, bur there are several considerations to be cautious of when choosing a headstone.

  • All cemeteries have their own rules and regulations for headstones. Some will allow any size, but there are some that require a certain size limitation. Understand the cemetery rules before choosing a headstone.
  • Some cemeteries may require that a certain type of headstone be used. Find out if the only allow a flat headstone, or one that has a height or width requirement.
  • Some cemeteries have their own installers, and the fees are included in the burial. Other cemeteries may require that the family hire installers for the headstone. It is wise to know what your are expected to do.
  • When shopping for a headstone, become familiar with the various designs and materials.
  • Choose a supplier that can meet your needs. Headstones can be purchased from the cemetery, the funeral home, the internet, and monument dealers. Make sure that the designer can provide the headstone that will meet your needs.

Knowing the basics of choosing headstones in Cincinnati will help you and your family make the right decision when it comes to honoring your deceased loved one. Informing the family of the various cemetery requirements will eliminate much of the confusion and disagreements that some families experience during their time of loss. If an agreement has been made among family members that exceeds the budget, an alternative arrangement must be made. Although a headstone is chosen because it is characteristic of the life of the deceased, it may not be an appropriate one for the cemetery. Some families want to inscribe the equivalent of a life story on the headstone, but this may not be accepted at the proposed cemetery.

Families of military members and veterans want to use the headstones provided by the government as an honor for the service that they have rendered. This choice is mostly accepted at veteran cemeteries, and private cemeteries. Other cemeteries may have strict regulations against these types of headstones because of the size or height. The basic military headstone is tall and slender, but they may have changed over the years. Sometimes, the deceased loved one has chosen, and designed their own headstone. The family can be left trying to find a cemetery that will accept the type that has been designed, or changing the design which would go against the deceased final wish. Many older adults make their own final arrangements prior to their demise.

For people who want to make their own funeral arrangements, one or more family members should be involved with their decisions. When the older adult expresses their headstone choices, they can be checked out and the appropriate cemetery can be located to accommodate the monument. This is usually a task that most family members do not want to undertake, but it will be most helpful when choosing the right headstone. Before a final decision is made, they should go to different cemeteries, take pictures of the headstones, and bring them to the older adults who are making their own arrangements. If the headstones at the chosen cemetery are not what they want, then there is time to choose another cemetery with less strict regulations.

When death occurs suddenly, it is up to the survivors to choose an appropriate headstone. As listed earlier, finding the right cemetery is the first recourse. Some rural churches still have private cemeteries where headstones of all sizes and types can be used. If the deceased requested a specific cemetery, the family must go by the requirements of that cemetery in order to choose the right headstone. Families realize that this task is a difficult one. Commemorating the deceased loved one with a gravestone should be a confident choice that is made only once. Depending on the cemetery where the burial will take place, the grave marker should not have any bold colors, or inscriptions that are not related to Christianity, although any faith or religion is welcome. So, choosing a headstone can also be dependent on religious factors.

Checking for the right material for a headstone is essential for many cemeteries. Some require that the marker should not be made of reflective material, and no ceramics. It is the understanding of many people that a headstone is just an upright marker that tells the name, birth date and death date of the deceased, and relays a memorial sentence of the family’s choice. This may have been true at one time. but as things change in every aspect of life, so does the final preparation. Choosing the right headstone requires knowledge of facts that surround this factor of life. There are many things to look at before a decision like this can be made successfully.

Getting in touch with a monument dealer, or headstone designer and maker in the area can be the most helpful at times like this. They will usually have information as to the requirements of many of the local cemeteries, and the quality of material that should be used. This will help making the right choice for a headstone much easier for family members, or the person who prefers to make their own arrangements in advance.