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Chodiev Patokh Kayumovich: professional activities of a billionaire

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Patokh Chodiev is known to the world as a Kazakhstan businessman, the owner of the International Chodiev Foundation for charity, and the author of scientific works. He was awarded honorary awards – Orders of Friendship, Kurmet, Barys of the 3d degree, and also received a medal of Abraham Lincoln. The most successful projects, of which the businessman is a shareholder, are the Eurasian Group and the Eurasian Bank. More about Fattah Chodiev, his business and education – in the material.

Fattah Chodiev: the education of a famous Kazakhstan businessman

Patokh Chodiev repeatedly emphasized that without the education he would hardly have achieved anything in life. The Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) provided him with invaluable knowledge, with which he fully went to conquer Japan, where he worked as an adviser to the USSR trade representative and a specialist in Soviet-Japanese relations. In an interview, he repeatedly linked two points in his life – studies at MGIMO and his life in the country of the rising sun. After all, he considers this time to be the happiest and most productive. By the way, when Fattah  Chodiev entered the university, there were no more places for that specialty, where he passionately planned to enter. As an exception, another place was created for the talented applicant – the 13th.

“At the university, I received a lot of knowledge, learned a lot about friendship and love. These were the best years of my life! Of course, if I didn’t have a strong desire to study, then hardly anything would come of it. The student’s thirst for learning more and becoming better is also important. When I entered, I was the 13th student in the faculty of “international relations”. However, some students “wanted” to get an education here so much that after 1-2 courses they dropped out of school. Meanwhile, just think about how many people were unable to get to their favorite faculty, to their favorite university, because someone took their place,” Fattah  Chodiev shared his old memoirs.

Patokh Chodiev: the businessman’s most popular projects

Of course, it is worth mentioning the most noteworthy uniqueness of the companies whose shareholder is Patokh Chodiev. These are the Eurasian Resources Group and Eurasian Bank.

Eurasian Resources Group

The international group of companies currently operates in five geopolitical points – Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Brazil, Africa. ERG feature: the company integrates six main divisions, which will always be popular in the industry throughout the world: ferroalloys, iron ore, alumina and aluminum, energy, other non-ferrous metals, logistics. The ERG business family includes eight companies.

Eurasian Bank

Eurasian Bank is owned by three shareholders who, through their constant participation in the development of the company, help it to remain number one among financial institutions in Kazakhstan. One of them is Fattah  Chodiev. Representatives of the bank said at the beginning of 2020 that Eurasian Bank already has more than 2 600 000 customers throughout the country.

Satisfied customers of Eurasian Bank believe that the issuance of an express guarantee per hour has become the most popular service of the company in recent years. Thanks to this new service, owners of small and medium-sized businesses have the opportunity to get a guarantee for participation in state procurement online and within the shortest timeframe.

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