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Checklist for your new barbershop

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Are you planning to create your hair salon that will be a place where your clients can get great haircuts and a comfortable place where they can spend moments of relaxation? Here are the things below you need to check before starting your new barbershop.

The equipment and furniture essential to start your barbershop

Opening a hair salon requires a lot of preparation. Apart from the administrative and technical procedures to be carried out (market study, economic study, choice of legal status, identification of premises, etc.), it is essential to provide the necessary furniture to satisfy customers as soon as the show opens.

As furniture and equipment, there are washing tubs, the reception counter, hairdressing chairs, reception, waiting for chairs, styling stations, large mirrors, simple and rolling stools, trolleys, pedicure chairs or the nail bar.

The little equipment you need to launch your hair salon.

It is not enough to provide the furniture to open the hair salon of your dreams. Indeed, to succeed in the different cuts of your future customers and meet all their needs in terms of hairstyles, it is essential to provide the material adapted to each type of cut (particularly for hairstyles and trendy cuts).

The cutting equipment is essential. It includes scissors, razors, spare blades, cutters, straightening razors, cutting capes, etc. These instruments are necessary to make all kinds of cuts that your customers may request.

The brushes and combs are another hardware category for all kinds of brushes (thermal, round, tires, wood, etc.) and combs (rod, handle, carbon, Ebonite, for hairstyles for cuts, for pancakes, etc.).

It is also necessary to provide mowers. Since a single mower cannot adapt to several cuts simultaneously, it is essential to have a broad range of mowers in your living room. These are trimmers, beards, hair, etc.

Customers frequently request the hair irons and hair straighteners. You will need to provide heating brushes, straighteners, curling irons, hair curlers, styling irons, or even blower brushes.

Besides these essential accessories, it is necessary to have:

  • Napkins
  • Bathrobes
  • Helmets
  • Hairdryer
  • Latex gloves
  • Dyeing capes
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Ear protectors
  • Vaporizers
  • Hair clips
  • Electric towel warmer

The choice of room to open a hair salon

To open a hair salon, a suitable and well-placed commercial space is essential. The choice of location is decisive for the successful opening of the show. In general, places with a lot of traffic, such as city centers and shopping areas, are preferred.

It will be necessary to plan development work to adapt the room to the exercise of the activity, except when the room found was already used for the operation of a hair salon. Its configuration is ideally suited to the project.

In general, the commercial premises which will serve as the place of activity are subject to a commercial lease for nine years. Therefore, it is necessary to take all the required precautions before validating the choice of commercial premises.

Hairdressing Inspection List

  1. Are sanitation and disinfection standards posted in a conspicuous place?
  2. Do you have containers large enough for proper disinfection?
  3. Do you have a sufficient supply of approved disinfectants?
  4. Does the manufacturer’s label appear on the premises for verification?
  5. Are proper disinfection procedures followed for both electrical and non-electrical utensils?
  6. Do you use the disinfectant according to the manufacturer’s instructions?
  7. Do you put all non-sanitized utensils in a closed container for disposal right after use?
  8. Do you use neck bands or towels to protect the client’s neck from the cape?
  9. Do you store clean utensils separate from dirty tools?
  10. Do you store dirty utensils in a container with a label that says “dirty” or some other denomination?
  11. Do clean utensils look good? Do you store them in a covered, labeled container?
  12. Are the floor, walls, ceiling, furniture, fixtures, and fixtures clean and pleasant?
  13. Is there hot and cold running water in the work areas?
  14. Do you have a toilet for the use of clients? Is it clean?
  15. Do you offer individual sanitary towels for hand drying?
  16. Do you have material stored in the toilet? In the bathroom, there can be no stored utensils, mops, buckets, etc.
  17. Is there at least one covered waste container for hair debris or other debris?
  18. Do you store used towels in a closed container?
  19. Do you dispose of the garbage immediately, so it doesn’t accumulate?
  20. Our employees and their clothing looking clean and neat?
  21. Are employees washing their hands before serving customers?
  22. Are the headrests and work tables covered with a clean towel, cloth, or paper for each customer?
  23. Are the shampoo and dishwasher bowls clean and in good repair? Is the filter catching hair empty?
  24. Are the cans of creams, lotions, cosmetic products, etc., correctly labeled?
  25. Are toxic substances identified with a label?

Tips to avoid health issues

Here are some general health-related tips to consider

  • – all outlets in wet areas (washbasins, rooms for personal hygiene, etc.) must have life-saving devices ;
  • – it is essential that the lighting is sufficient and that it is anti-glare. Glare due to healthy light sources or reflections caused by mirrors must be avoided.
  • – in the workplace, prevent drafts and excessive exposure to noise ;
  • – if present, it is crucial to eliminate or reduce the stress due to extreme work pressure;
  • – floor coverings must be “non-slip and suitable for the conditions of the activity” and tripping points must be eliminated (unevenness in the floor, steps, loose cables, objects left lying around, …);
  • – when using substances dangerous to health, follow the indications of the safety data sheets, or “the warnings on the packaging of cosmetic products.”
  • – try to alternate between standing and sitting. Staying for a long time in an unbalanced posture exerts excessive strain on the back and causes tension in the shoulder-neck area.
  • – when you have finished aggressive skin activities, apply a skincare cream to your hands.


Wrapping up to this article, we can say that your new barbershop needs to be checked and assured that these equipment and safety measures are properly installed.

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