Check out some tips to sell your car

buying a car
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Have you ever been badly dressed, disheveled and dirty on a job interview? With the car it is the same thing: we will hardly be interested in buying a car that does not present itself well.

Does the car have low mileage? Are the tires new and the interior flawless? So value it in the photos, if you are going to advertise it on the internet. The more information, the better – so take care of the details.

Forgetting this can devalue the product at the time of negotiation. Therefore, we have listed some tips to reduce the chances of the buyer giving up the deal and also that the car is purchased at a fair price and leaves your garage faster.

And never forget to always choose busy places to make an appointment with the person interested in seeing the vehicle. To ensure your safety, never choose your home or buyer unless you know the person.

Appearance is everything

Whether for photos or when showing someone the car, it needs to be shining. From a wax bath or wash well so that the bodywork is a mirror. In addition, scratches and scraps often devalue the business. Take a trip to a bodyshop beforehand and make a budget to see if it is worth making the correction of superficial aviaries. The cost of the service ranges from $ 200 to $ 500, depending on the extent of the damage. In most cases it is not necessary to paint the entire piece, which reduces the expense. Well-maintained bodywork shows the zeal of the owner, giving more value to the product. Remember, you are not going to get cash for junk cars in Los Angeles. You are going to get cash for second car!

Smelling of zero km

If external beauty is important, internal beauty is also worth a lot. Dirty car inside is synonymous with carelessness. Avoid eating in the cabin, because afterwards it is difficult to remove stains from the upholstery, for example. Keep everything clean and original. And if the darkened film is already fading, remove it completely or replace the damaged part with a new one. Also eliminate any internal odors with deeper cleaning.

Value the vehicle’s history

Have some documents on hand that prove that the vehicle has been well taken care of. Mainly, the owner’s manual with the revisions documented by the concessionaire or the notes of changes of parts and revisions made in mechanic workshops. Having the vehicle’s spare key is also a differentiator. This gives the buyer more security. Also keep your vehicle documents in order. In addition to avoiding having to pay everything at once before the sale – or having to give discounts on pending fees – you also appear to be an organized person. And organized as it is, he took good care of the car while he was with it.

Have a good check up

Before putting the car up for sale, go to a trusted dealer or workshop and perform a complete check up. Replace parts that may have problems in the near future. If the sale is to a private individual, he will come and charge you if the vehicle starts to bother you. Remember to save the notes and place in the sales announcement that the car has undergone a complete overhaul.

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