Check out Asus Vp247h-P if you are looking for an excellent high performance gaming monitor


If you are looking for the best gaming monitor under 200, you should check out the Asus VP247H-P. It is a screen that comes with a high contrast ratio so that you can enjoy a better view of all images. At 100,000,000:1, it is difficult to find a better contrast ratio. In addition to that, the images and color have been enhanced thanks to the optimized Vivid Pixel technologies. The slim profile and sturdy stand ensure that you enjoy comfortable gaming sessions without compromising durability, style, and stability. It is one of the modern monitors that have been fitted with the latest features in the gaming world as confirmed by kickofftech.

The exclusive Game Plus technology

When you read the information available at, you will notice that this monitor comes with one of the most advanced technologies in the gaming industry. The exclusive Game Plus technology comes with features such as Hotkey which has Crosshair and timer capabilities. They ensure that you set your games depending on your gaming environment by choosing from various options. A user can choose from four crosshair types. Looking at the Crosshairs, you will realize that they have been set to meet certain environments.

They comes with this exclusive technology makes Asus VP247H-P the best gaming monitor under 200 because they show you information about the elapsed time in real time. You will always want to know how long every game takes so that you can gauge your skills. For beginners, a timer is a good tool because it makes it easy for them to evaluate their progress. You will know whether you are making improvements or stagnating by looking at the time that it takes to complete certain tasks. In addition to that, you will want to know about the areas where you need to practice more.

A vivid visual experience

Asus, the company that manufactures these monitors, is also a proprietor of various technologies. These technologies are used in various aspects of IT to improve user experience. The good news is that they have now incorporated some of these proprietary technologies in their monitors and therefore, you are sure to enjoy better gaming sessions. One of the incorporated technologies is the Splendid Plus video intelligence technology. It optimizes and enhances videos and images so that they are more pleasing. It will enhance color brightness, sharpness, and contrast.

Reading and Darkroom are the two main features that Splendid Plus technology offers to make this product the best gaming monitor under 200. Because of them, you can enjoy better scenery including whey you are playing in the night view mode. To make things even better, flicker-free and Low Blue Light technologies reduce the strain on your eyes. This is an important feature for people who spend many hours every day gaming. If you are a gamer that changes between various types of games and spend too many hours, you must have noticed that the eyes get affected. However, you do not have to worry about any illnesses or discomfort when you are using a monitor that has such technologies.

The picture quality

A look at kickofftech shows that the Asus VP247H-P gaming monitor is fitted with Vivid Pixel Technology. This is a special feature that enhances the quality of pictures. When you compare monitors that have this technology against those that do not have it, you will see that there is a huge difference in the ay pictures appear. It is because this technology emphasizes the image outlines. This means that the borders of the mages will be more defined and therefore, it will be easy for every image to stand out from the crowd. As a gamer, you want to identify every image without straining. It is more important when the game is fast-paced.

Apart from enhancing the picture outlines, Vivid Pixel technology reduces noise bars. There is no need to be exposed to too much noise when gaming because it will only serve to destruct you from the details of the game. If you want to enjoy a crystal clear display, you should also work on the noise because clarity in the display is not only about the things that you can see. In addition to that, it ensures that you focus on detail-oriented viewing, especially when you are playing a game that is too demanding.

A gaming monitor that protects your eyes

The best gaming monitor under 200 should protect your eyes too. It is important to have the best features; however, if they are going to harm you, you will end up with huge problems. The good thing is that Asus VP247H-P is fitted with various protective devices that ensure that your eyes are protected. Some people only play games for a few minutes. However, there are those who spend the better part of the day doing it. For them, the most important thing is to ensure that their source of leisure and happiness does not turn out to be the source of their illnesses too.

With Asus gaming monitors, the main emphasis when it comes to eye protection is on the Flicker-Free technology and the Blue-Light Filters. The former reduces flicker so that a gamer does not have to strain their eyes. It leads to the comfortable gaming experience and so, the eyes do not suffer the effects of your actions. The latter on its part ensures that the harmful rays contained in blue light do not get into contact with your eyes. It does this by filtering the lights; there are four different filter settings that you can choose from the screen using the OSD menu.

Most gamers also agree that the Asus VP247H-P is the best gaming monitor fewer than 200 because of the response speed. It stands at 1 millisecond and comes with a screen of 23.6 inches. It also has a full HD display with a resolution of 1920×1080. Because of these settings, a gamer is likely to enjoy more fluid video playbacks. The quick response time also eliminates tracers and ghosting in addition to ensuring that there is no lag to delay the execution of commands.

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