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Charlottesville to begin annual deer population management program in February

deer on roadways
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The City of Charlottesville will continue its work with a wildlife management specialist to implement a deer management program that will begin on Feb. 1.

The program continues the city’s successful deer culling program, which was first implemented in 2018. City Council approved the program in response to numerous and sustained complaints about hazardous driving conditions, health concerns stemming from Lyme disease, landscapes being impacted by an overabundant deer population, and the health of the local herd.

The goal is to remove up to 125 deer annually. The operation will take place in City of Charlottesville parks during nighttime hours. Over the past three years the deer culling program has removed an average of 92 deer annually. The operation will be carefully coordinated with the Emergency Communications Center and the Charlottesville Police Department.

Bulk baiting for the deer began on Monday, with culling operations conducted in February and March. Instructions have been given to our selected wildlife management firm to avoid shooting Charlottesville’s albino/white deer.

The answers to many Frequently Asked Questions can be found at

General questions about the deer culling program can be left on the city’s Public Input voicemail line at 434-970-3109.

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