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Challenger raises issue with Goodlatte on spending claims

Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte says he has opposed health-care reform since the earliest stages of the effort by Democrats that led to the passage of the reform law in 2010. Karen Kwiatkowski suggests that Goodlatte may think there are two definitions of the word “oppose.”

“That display of opposition was apparently just for us conservatives back home.  When it came time to fund these programs, Bob Goodlatte voted ‘Yea,’ ” said Kwiatkowski, who is challenging Goodlatte for the Republican Party nomination in a June 12 primary.

Kwiatkowski also raised issue with Goodlatte’s votes to raise the debt ceiling, to increase funding for the Department of Education, to increase foreign and domestic spending and to push a $17 trillion expansion in unfunded Medicare entitlements.

“Now that Bob and I have established our candidacy for the June 12th Republican primary, Bob Goodlatte ought to debate me on his record.  We’ll start by establishing the true meaning of the word ‘oppose,’ ” Kwiatkowski said.

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