Chairs that turn into beds: Are they comfortable?

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For decades we’ve been looking for the perfect way to provide an overnight guest a good night of sleep without sacrificing space or putting them on the couch (or floor). From sleeper sofas to sleeper chairs, murphy beds, and pull out cots, the options have not been great. Most of the options seem like great ideas, but the actual comfort level of the bed leaves room to be desired. There aren’t many of us who will say we’ve gotten a great night of sleep on a pull out sofa, trundle bed, or our best friend’s couch. Most of the time, the thought of sleeping on those beds doesn’t make anyone particularly excited. Thankfully, there’s a new option available that may leave your guests so comfortable they won’t want to leave. The newest chairs that turn into beds are bean bag chairs that aren’t filled with polystyrene beads, they’re filled with a mattress. We promise, guest bedding will never be the same. Here are three reasons bean bag chairs that turn into beds are the most comfortable beds around.

  1. Bean bag chairs that turn into beds are filled with great material. Old school bean bag chairs were filled with tiny white polystyrene pellets that went flat very quickly and left us feeling very uncomfortable, even while sitting upon them. The thought of trying to sleep on one of those is cringe-worthy. Today, bean bag chairs that turn into beds are filled with an actual mattress that pulls out. There’s no attempting to adjust the actual bean bag chair to make it suitable for sleep. The outer cover slips off, and the mattress pops out. The mattress is filled with furniture grade polyurethane foam cut into randomized pieces to ensure an opulent night of sleep. This type of filling is comparable to a memory foam style mattress and has gotten great reviews from users.
  2. Bean bag chairs that turn into beds come in a variety of sizes. One of the worst parts of sleeping on a guest bed or pullout is the sheer small size of the bedding. Even the shortest in stature can agree that most pullout sofa beds and cots are incredible small, even for one sleeping individual. Bean bag chairs that turn into beds are available in a variety of sizes, so you and your guests never have to feel like you’re sleeping in a bed that is too small again. Sizes range from youth and full, which are appropriate for young children and teenagers. The full size conceals a twin size mattress, which is great for one sleeper. The full and queen size options hold mattresses of like dimension. These sizes are excellent for two sleeping guests. The largest size option, the king, contains a king sized mattress. This mattress is the premium in guest accommodations. Your guests will love the size of the mattresses and the fact that even with two guests in one bed, both guests will get a great night of sleep.
  3. Bean bag chairs that turn into beds provide comfortable seating. In addition to being great options for guest bedding, the actual chair itself is incredibly comfortable when used as a seat. You and your guests will love the way the chair feels when sat upon. Unlike a hard backed accent chair, a bean bag provides a welcome and inviting place to unwind at the end of a long day. Nothing is more comfortable than sinking into a giant bean bag chair.

You will love the ability to host overnight guests while still retaining your space. Your guests will love the comfort of a foam filled mattress instead of being relegated to the couch or a pull out cot.

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