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CBD for dogs: Benefits and what to look for

For many dog owners, our canine companions are not just pets – they are family. Like our children, we want the very best for them.

CBD products are emerging as a powerful option for boosting your dog’s mental and physical wellbeing. Plus, they can help with short-term needs such as managing anxiety and stress. The benefits of CBD for humans are common knowledge these days, but what about for dogs?

Keep reading to learn more about how CBD products can benefit your pup, and to discover where you can find the best canine CBD chews, tinctures and balms.

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Easing Stress and Supporting a State of Calm

Like people, dogs’ personalities and dispositions vary infinitely. But to some degree, many dogs experience stress and/or anxiety. Stress in dogs is usually triggered by certain situations, such as the sound of fireworks, or an owner leaving the house for a day at work. Whatever your dog’s triggers are, you’ve probably wondered if anything could be done to alleviate their anxiety.

CBD is emerging as one of the most common ways to treat both acute and chronic stress and anxiety in dogs. Owners are giving their pups CBD supplements before entering potentially stressful situations such as traveling or going to the vet. Some dogs who suffer from chronic anxiety are experiencing great results with taking CBD daily.

Supporting Joint and Tissue Health

One of the hardest things about having a dog is watching them age before your eyes. As our pups get older, they often experience tightness and pain in joints and connective tissues – just like we do as we age.

CBD chews can help dogs with tight joints and mobility issues to feel and move better. The products can ease pain and tightness in these areas so your pup can continue to chase their favorite frisbee well into their senior years!

Improving Brain Function

Dogs, like humans, have a complex endocannabinoid system which is partially responsible for maintaining a healthy nervous system. If we assume that CBD products have a similar effect in the endocannabinoid system of dogs as they do in humans, we can infer that these products should help with brain function and cognition.

If you want to keep your pup sharp, CBD supplements may help you do so!

Where to Find the Best CBD for Dogs?

With such amazing benefits, it should come as no surprise that the CBD and hemp for dogs market is growing fast. While there are many great CBD products out there, all CBD tincture, chews, and other products are not created equal.

So, what should you look for when shopping for CBD for your dog? To get the highest quality product, ensure that the CBD you buy for your pup is:

  • Third-party tested (also called COA or Certificate of Analysis)
  • NASC Certified. NASC stands for National Animal Supplement Council. Products with this certification meet the highest quality standards for pets.
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract: Full-spectrum CBD extracts include all the compounds of the original hemp plant, not just the CBD. As opposed to CBD isolates, these extracts appear to be more beneficial and effective.

You want the best for your pup. That’s why you should only give them top-quality CBD products. Charlotte’s Web goes above and beyond to ensure that their CBD products for dogs meet the most rigorous quality standards. You can be confident that Charlotte’s Web CBD products are the very best you can give your dog.

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